Monday, January 31, 2011

It's never just that easy

We finished emptying all the stuff from the spare room and Alb took a hammer to the closet.

What started as a simply-knock-out-a-closet-wall-throw-on-some-paint-replace-the-carpet little mini renovation has turned into a "oh-it-won't-be-THAT-much-to-remove-the-pressboard-walls-insulate-drywall-replace-the-window-add-some-plug-ins-then-replace-the-flooring" job. Significantly more labour intensive for Alb. Significantly more money juggling for me.

It will be nice to get it done. We should be taking pictures to send to BC Assessment so show them the real value of our house. The 2 inch paperbacked insulation is lovely. The interior wall that backs onto the bathroom has a window framed into it - indicating the back half of our house is actually an addition. There was no drywall in the room, the walls were made of a patchwork of pieces of thin pressboard with many many layers of paint (the paint probably provided as much insulating properties as the actual insulation) One of the layers of paint is bright lime green - very close to the colour I have waiting to apply.

Our recent house assessment notice indicates our house has increased in value more than 200% since we purchased it in 2005. Between January and March you can check out the BC Assessment website and check the value of anyone's property so you can judge whether you think your assessment is fair.

I nearly choked on my gum when I discovered that with the exception of the new house next door and two large newer homes at the far end of the street, we have the most highly valued home on the street. Yay Alb and his great handymanness - we get to pay more taxes.

I really miss summer.


Anonymous said...

our house is only surrpassed in assessment by 3 other houses on our whole westmount

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