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Confess your sins one to another.

It's the classic example. Imagine a toddler, face all covered in chocolate, eyes as big as saucers, trying to convince you he did not just eat your Easter bunny. The obvious evidence makes the scene hilarious.

It's not unlike trying to hide sin from God. It's laughable.

And it's certainly not unlike trying to wear your same clothes when you've gained 20 pounds. It's absurd.

Spring has arrived and it was time to dig out the summer clothes. Everything looks dingy and stained. The armpits of all my t-shirts and tanks are discoloured. Anything light coloured is sort of yellowed under the arms and anything dark is bleached out. I have never experienced anything quite like it. It's creepy really.

I can only assume it has to do with hormonal changes, or the medications I'm on, or the fact that hot flashes have turned me into a person who sweats - this is a foreign concept to someone who has spent the last 30 years freezing all the time.

So last weekend I h…

The X factor.

My sister reminded me a few weeks ago that I never even bothered to blog about Xander's first birthday in March. Unthinkably sad, but true. I haven't blogged about the wee child, who is the very light of my life, in quite some time. I guess I feel like I am continually inundating people with X on Facebook, so he gets neglected on the blog even though I know it's two different audiences.

About two weeks before his actual March 3rd birthday PaPa, Granny, Mommy and Xander took a little road trip to Kamloops so he could celebrate his birthday in style. Well, in Toys-R-US I mean.

And it is tradition in my family for Nana (who was "Grandma" back when my kids were 1) to put her expert cake decorating skills to use and provide the one-year-old with his/her very own cake to smush and eat. While my kids were raised on coke and candy, Xander's cake at Nana's house was his introduction to sugar products. He wasn't exactly sure it was food, but he did a pretty goo…


I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, I don't care too much for pink. However that has not stopped me from being obsessed with it of late.  
Relay for Life is the one day of the year I become "pinkified" for our team the Pink Panters. While the ultimate goal of the weekend is to raise massive amounts of money for cancer research and patient support services, our mini goal is to have massive amounts of fun - tainted with tackiness and laced with laughter. 
As team leaders, we want each person who comes out to walk with us to feel appreciated and so we have a draw bucket. Last year we had about a half dozen prizes and a few dozen "Thanks for comin' out" cards. Each time someone walked for half an hour they got to test their luck and draw from the bucket. (Oh yeah, all the prizes were pink: a set of garden tools, scissors, a leather tool belt etc) 
Time after time when people drew the "Thanks for comin' out" cards I felt bad an…

What a hoot!

Seventy. When you say it, it sounds old. Only old people turn 70.  But if you say "Today is my Dad's seventieth birthday" and imagine my dad in your head, it somehow becomes just an ordinary number cuz my dad's not old. He's very experienced but he's not old.

However, old or not old, when someone reaches a milestone birthday it's only appropriate to acknowledge it in a meaningful way. I was pondering this the other day and feeling minor pangs of guilt because we both were working this weekend and cannot make it to Kamloops to help celebrate. I phoned Brandi, who lives in Kamloops not too far from Grandpa, to ask what the family there had planned.

"We're going to take him to Hooters," she said.

"Oh," was my reply. I had no other words to offer. I immediately but silently cast blame for this hairbrained idea on my elder brother. And my mind's eye saw Kore and Colin shouting a hearty "Amen!" to the idea.

"We want…

C'mon chickens - hatch already, cuz I've got you counted.

We always get a fairly sizable income tax return. It's not like it's free money - it was our money in the first place, we just overpaid our income tax. (Of course by saying "our" I mean the royal we.)

Being the financier in the family, I have come to depend on this tidy sum and usually have most of it pre-spent before March rolls around. I time my car insurance renewal for mid March, we put the summer insurance on the bike- things like that.

Our refund was a little larger this year, thanks to the HRTC (home reno tax credit) which we clearly had enough receipts to claim two or three times over. So counting on this, we jumped headlong into finally turning the small back bedroom into an ensuite/walk-in closet. It was one of those wise financial decisions that I've become famous for: put everything on the Home Depot card in February, so it can be paid off with the Income Tax in March. That's the Home Depot Contractor card, which never charges interest but it mus…

Cancer Sucks!

Cancer Sucks! And it affects you, and it affects me.

Once again our Pink Panter’s Relay for Life Team will be panting our way around the relay track for 24 hours (May 8-9) in an effort to raise havoc, awareness and most importantly funds, for the Canadian Cancer Society.
We call ourselves “Pink” because of my 2008 early diagnosis with breast cancer, however the funds we raise are in support of eradicating all types of cancer.
We call ourselves “Panters” (not to be confused with panthers) because we are by no means athletes – we will be panting our way around the track.

Relay For Life provides the unique opportunity to get together with family and friends to CELEBRATEcancer survivors, REMEMBER and honour loved ones lost to cancer, and FIGHT BACK for a future without cancer. And we do exactly that – with a heavy emphasis on the “celebrate” part. Basically we spend 24 hours partying and making fools of ourselves because we are excited to have taken your money and contributed it towards a …

Poking a vibrator in my eye.

I needed some new mascara last week. I'm a grocery store makeup kinda girl, and the thought of paying more than 10 bucks for anything really doesn't sit well with me. I lucked out and came across a basket in the beauty department filled with various items all wearing that fabulous pink triangular sticker.

For those who don't shop Superstore, the pink triangle indicates they'll take 50% off whatever price comes up on the computer. There are days when I wander the store filling my cart with pink stickered items and that's what determines what we will eat for the next week - but that's another story.

In the basket was a package of mascara that was coupled with a nice duo-shade of eyeshadow. It was the only one and it had no regular price indicated. There were some of the same mascara hanging on the shelf but without the eyeshadow. It was $17.99! Crazy. However, I reasoned that I could justify it at half price because it came with an eyeshadow. But to my good fortu…