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Merry Stinkless Christmas.

1984. I remember people in 1983 petitioning to get their governments to cancel 1984 and move right into 1985 for fear of Big Brother watching their every move.

Currently there are lots of posts on Facebook of people freaking out because their phones/TVs/computers are not only watching them but also listening to them. People are up in arms because their photos, that they voluntarily posted on a social media site, are being made public. The messages they beam out into cyberspace are being pinged by satellites and robots for marketing purposes. They are shocked that their location-services-enabled electronic device knows where they are.

Frankly, I don't get what part of 'social media' people don't get. Social can be defined as "an informal gathering." Media is defined as "mass communication."

We have all logged into, become addicted to, and quite honestly, thrive on, the informal gathering of mass communication that simultaneously co…