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Family Facts & Foibles 2011

The Ziemer Family Facts & Foibles 2011 - as spammed to everyone on my contact list.

Ahh! December. That time of year to spend enormous amounts of time and money lavishing your family with completely unnecessary gifts and gluttonous amounts of food. This extravagant behaviour can’t help but cause one to reflect on the abundant blessings and love our Heavenly Father lavishes on his children – beginning with His plan to provide a Saviour. Thank you Jesus for being willing to participate.

As is my annual custom at this time of year, I like to take stock of some of the blessings, make sense of the comings-and-goings, and just generally revel in the amazingness that is my family. And if I’m gonna take two hours to put pen to paper, so to speak, I see no reason not to assault your email with my ramblings.

Thank you Jesus

[What we’ve been up to...]

While it seems on a daily level, there is never a dull moment in the Ziemer house, 2011 as whole was relatively calm and smooth sailing. You…

This sux


Ty Danny Ty

"Ty Danny, Ty." That's Xander-speak for "Try Granny Try."

And try I will.

For a week or so I've been feeling like I want to write a final blog. Yes final.

Now, I'm not so brazen as some (JesseMac, you know who you are) who will just delete the blog and cut you off cold turkey. No, I will say goodbye. And possibly I may come back on occasion and ramble on for old time's sake. But for now I am really feeling like I need to release myself from it.

I know that I've been sporadic in the past year or so. But that doesn't mean I don't think about the blog often. And feel guilty. It would be fine if no one was still hanging around, but I know that I can go more than 30 days without writing and I'm still getting an average of 20-30 viewers a day. (And yes, for the most part I know who the viewers are and I appreciate your dedication and commitment)

I made a comment to someone the other day that I was "currently cocooning." And …

Watch a Movie, Take a Dump and You're Home

Someone posted this on Facebook. I liked it.

Rather than simply re-post to FB I thought I'd share it with you here...

Hey, we've met you before!

A few weeks ago I was digging through some stuff in the basement and came across three swords left over from centre pieces from Ken and Jade's wedding.

While they looked great as centre pieces, thank God no one at the wedding discovered that they had flashing LED lights and made horrendously annoying sounds.

I put them in the outside toybox. Jade wasn't too excited about Xander having weapons as toys so I figured it was only a matter of time before they made their way into the trash bin.

As I was walking home from a little visit down the street with X and his parents tonight, I caught sight of three relatively-new-to-the-neighbourhood kids running out of my driveway and across the road to the park with the said LED lights and annoying noises waving wildly as they swung at each other in mock battle.

"Little buggers!" I thought while similtaneously thinking, "Yes! I hope their parents enjoy them."

I picked up the scattered toys on the back deck and mental…

Word of the day: wrinkly

Finally! Summer arrived along with the month of August. Today is the 4th and it's the first time this year we have been able to fill the kiddie pool so Xander could go swimming.

He swam until his hands got wrinkly then tried to "wash" his hands in the water to get the wrinkly off. I explained that the wrinkly came from the water. So he picked up his pool and dumped it - there will be no more wrinkly!

After sitting wrapped in towel eating a snack for a while X held out his hands to me and said "The wrinkly is all gone!"

I replied, "Thank you Jesus for bringing Xander's hands back to normal."

Xander's little eyes darted to the left. Then to the right. Then he looked inquiringly at me, "Where is him?"

Word of the day: noise bylaw

About 1 o'clock in the morning after sitting in the marvelous apres-hot-tub summer air, while sippin' red  and listening to some good music coming from somewhere off to the left for an hour or so, I turned to my husband and said, "I wonder who's still partying out there. Their music is great but I can't think who, in that direction, would be still rockin' at this time of night."

It was quite dark so I couldn' really see, but I felt his look of disbelief as he responded, "Uhhhh... that's coming out of our bedroom window where I put the TV on the Gold Rock Galaxie station about an hour ago."

Geesh! Good thing I'm not the kind of person who calls the cops on the neighbours when they're noisy - I'da had myself arrested.

Word of the day: Y

Baby Y is now 7 weeks into development and is approximately the size of a Tic Tac and the weight of an eyelash - while this is extremely teeny-tiny it is approximately 10,000 times larger than it was at conception. Heck, even Granny isn't gaining weight at that rate!

Baby Y will remain "it" until early in October when Mommy and Daddy are hoping an ultrasound will determine the sex. Baby X did not have his sex discovered until birth but Mommy wanted a boy so badly, we just assumed Baby X was a "he".

This time Mommy's "sexual preference" is not so emphatic, but she would prefer if Baby Y is a girl. She has voiced this a few times - obviously within earshot of Baby X, because 2-year-old Xander woke in the night with a nightmare. When Mommy went in to comfort him he cried in his semi-comatose state, "No! I don't want to be a girl! I want to be a boy!"

Word of the day: pretty flower

I am just loving the extra living space the new roof over half the deck is giving us. Even with this record rainy summer, we spend quite a bit of time outside on the deck. I actually like rain (did I say that out loud??) I find it very refreshing to sit outside and hear and smell the rain without getting wet.

There are two locking gates leading to the driveway and back yard. Xander has rubber boots that are not for mud and puddles, but only for deck use.  The expanded play space is great - he can play outside in the rain without an adult having to get wet with him.

Ken and Jade and I were sitting talking about their failed weekend of camping after Albert left for work tonight. After 5 minutes or so of relative silence Jade asked where Xander was.

"Oh just playing in his bedroom," I responded, but headed towards the room to check on him. As I turned the corner I was met by a slightly wet 2 year old in bare feet holding out a chubby fist clenching a flower from the back yard…

Word of the day: employer

Today marked the last day in the lives of Kore and Brandi that they would be employees.

When they wake up Monday morning they are the owner/operators and employers of the Trestain Pryce Denture Clinic in Kamloops.

I'm pretty excited and proud of them for the hard work they have put into this so far --- with much more to come, I'm sure.
Trestain has been gone for years and Pryce just retired and sold to my kids, but their names are well established as a reputable business and will remain on the clinic, at least for now. But I have no doubt that "doctor" Connolly and his trusty assistant Brandi will establish their own highly esteemed reputations in no time.
Yay B&K! 

Word of the day: math

As you may or may not be aware, my grandson is not only extremely high on the cuteness scale.

He is also extremely high on the intelligence scale. Now, I'm not sure if there is actually an IQ chart for 2-year-olds, but he'd top it if there was. Just sayin'...

The other day we were reading a new book together. Look And Learn Numbers.
Xander pointed to a picture and said, "Danny [that's how you say Granny in Xander language] there are 2 orange pencils and 3 green pencils so there are 5 all together."

 I know it doesn't sound like rocket science, however that is grade one math this two year old was stating so matter of factly.

Am I proud? uh.. maybe. just a little.

Continuing on with our math theme, someone asked me today how many ziemer grandchildren and great grandchildren there are. I thought I'd share the convoluted answer with you:

Ernie and Grace have 186 offspring. 

There are 86 grandchildren, this includes 48 blood children, 27 spouses, 5 com…

Word of the day: ark

After all the rain we've had, it seemed only appropriate we hang out at Noah's Ark for the day. I've known about the local farm/petting zoo for years but had never been there.

The 5 dollar price of admission was worth it for the ball pit alone. Xander and Linden had a fabulous time playing. It was fun to watch X try to keep up and imitate Linden, who is about a year and a half older and definitely a boy-boy.

Word of the day: ----

I've been sitting here for 15 minutes staring at my screen trying to think of a word for today. Got nuttin'.

And that's all I got to say 'bout that.

Word of the day: doctor

doctor doc·tor (dŏk'tər)

1.A person, especially a physician, dentist, or veterinarian, trained in the healing arts and licensed to practice.
2.To repair, especially in a makeshift manner; rig

Jade's family doctor, whom she had since birth, moved to Kamloops two years ago just after Xander was born. His practice was bought out by a group of female doctors. Female doctors who don't do birthing and babies.

She had an appointment last week to confirm her pregnancy, get started on her prenatal vitamins and get referred to another physician who does do babies.

During this appointment her doctor gave her stern advice: distance yourself from Xander. No more picking him up or holding him. Let him play alone.

Double-you Tee Eff??!! Doctor? Trained in the healing arts?

Word of the day: rain

...and it's quite likely tomorrow's word of the day will be ark.

Word of the day: poop

Ever since Xander was born, Jade has been saying she wants him potty trained before she has another baby. He is doing quite well. She is not the kind of mother who says, "Here's a potty, poop in it," and leaves it at that. And X is far too inquisitive to realize that something like poop can come from his body without him wanting to know all the hows and whys of the process.

He knows all about having a skeleton and how his skin holds in his bones and muscles and veins. He knows the purpose of a stomach and can point out, with more success than I, where his kidneys, liver and lungs are.

One day as he sat at his little table eating a cheese whiz sandwhich for lunch, he turned to his mother and said as he took a big bite, "Mommy, I'm turning my sandwhich into poop."

I assume Xander's parents feel he has a good enough grasp on the potty training business for them to take the next step. This weekend they informed us that Xander's little sibling, who is…

Word of the day: poisonous

I took Xander to the park across the street last week.

He got about half way up the log ramp which leads up to the slide while I walked along on the ground beside him. He stopped and gave the logs, which had seen better days, a good inspection.

"Granny these logs are poisonous!" he declared.

"No, Xander. They are rotten, not poisonous."

Pretty observant and vocabularily advanced for a 28 month old I think.

Word of the day

I think I'll try something new for while to see if I can kick start a period of blogging again. I'll call this current marathon "Word of the Day" and will use a particular word to prompt an entry. I may even resort to Merriam-Webster or's word of the day on occasion.

This idea was borne from a little incident that my husband informed me of last week.

While at church, pastor Peter got up and in a effort to encourage interaction, asked the general congregation "So, what's the word of the week?"

My son Jed jumped to his feet, raised and hand and shouted out, "Faggot!"

And while everyone in the room was trying to process whether or not they just heard what they thought they heard, he added, "My mom called me a faggot."

I mighta died had I been there.

However, in my defence, I shall tell you the real story.

Jed and I were shopping at Value Village and while I was trying on a couple of shirts he went about gathering a…

Who's Yer Daddy?

Xander still continues to brighten my every day.

Jade was playing with him in the playroom the other day and held a plastic trumpet backwards to her mouth and says in her best Darth Vader voice, "I (pause) am your Father." Xander didn't really pay a lot of attention to her but a few minutes later when Ken walked in the room he grabbed the trumpet, held it backwards to his mouth and says, "I (pause) am your Daddy."


Twenty five days. It's been twenty five days since I last blogged. I hang my head in shame. And even more so when I check my stat counter. Twenty five days with nary a word written and I'm still getting between 20 and 30 visits to the site every day.

C'mon people - get off my back!

Just kidding, I do appreciate the loyalty even though I'm neglectful.

Perhaps I can get on track a little more regular now that my art classes are finished, I didn't sign up for the Spring writing class, Homeshow season is over and the Canucks are set to hoist the cup and take the summer off.

As well, Relay For Life is over and I've caught up on all my greeting cards. Thank you so much to all my supporters who had me hand painting approximately 300 watercolour cards. Fundraising was down quite a bit this year, not only for our team but all across the board. We can collect money until August and I'd really like to see our Pink Panter team to scrape together another $1200 by then…

I shaved my arm pits for this!??

May 2011. Time for my 2 1/2 year cancer-free check-up. I had my diagnostic mammogram last week and booked an appointment for follow up with my doctor. For the first 24 months, my follow-ups and monitoring were done through the cancer unit, but now I've graduated to having my family doctor follow up.

This is good in the sense that "Yay, God! I have graduated in my survivorship" however my doctor is a f'idiot, and I am not particularly thrilled with more reasons to have to visit. That being said, my apponitment was booked for 9AM. Whatever was I thinking to book for 9AM.

I open eyes and roll over. It's 8:28. Eight twenty eight!! Arrrrgh! I have to be out of the house by 8:50.

There is no way I can go to this appointment without having a shower and shaving my armpits. I don't hate my doctor that much. But I don't have time to do my hair. I throw a towel on my head to keep my hair from getting wet and still in half asleep mode, grab my razor and jump …

Royal Wedding Hype

I'm not an obsessed Royal Watcher. I will not be staying up all night long to watch the wedding. (although I seem to recall losing some sleep back in 1981 when William's parents were married) But I do have my PVR set to tape the regal proceedings and I'll indulge in the festivities at my leisure.

I kind of avoided discussing the wedding too much with Jed cuz I don't want him staying up all night - I'm having a hard enough time controlling his 3AM Blackberry and Facebook use as it is.

About 10 o'clock tonight, Jed and I hugged, said goodnight, and he headed home. I did a bit of tidying up, sat down to facebook for a bit and was just getting ready to head to bed. (It's homeshow weekend and I work 5 long days in a row! Normal for most, I know, but I live a pampered life.)

Knock, knock!

I open the door to Jed's place and there stands my son, whom I assumed was downstairs getting ready for bed.

"I'm ready for the wedding, Mom."

Breaking news out of Italy....

Researchers have begun a hunt to find the remains of the woman who modelled for Leonardo da Vinci for his famous Mona Lisa masterpiece. They know the whereabouts of the remains of her two daughters and they will use 21st century technology to compare DNA samples to ensure they dig up the correct corpse.

Once they disturb a number of dead bodies, who've been resting in peace for nearly 500 years, they will use computer enhancement, in conjuction with her skull bones, to reconstruct her face.

Forgive me for being simple minded, but, I'm wondering if they thought about just looking at the painting??

Atoning for his sins

About three weeks ago I discovered some ball point pen ink scribbles on one of my red leather chairs

I didn't catch Xander in the act, but I took him to the chair and explained how I was not happy and I could not get it to wash off. I blabbed on about how he knows he is supposed to colour on paper or his easel blah blah blah. And that was the end of it.

We had a fabulous Easter Weekend with Aunty Bee and Uncle Kore here. On Sunday they hid a dozen plastic eggs filled with playdough (a much better idea than candy). Xander loved looking for them and talked for the rest of the day about all the places he found the eggs. He used the playdough to make trumpets, tubas and trucks. It was great fun.

Monday, X brought his mommy over in the morning so they could have one last little play session and say goodbye to Aunty Bee and Uncle Kore.

By 10am they drove away, PaPa went to drum lessons, Uncle Jed took off on his bike somewhere and mommy went to the grocery store. Xander and I sat and q…

Two goin' on Four

I've actually had a number of cute, funny or heartwarming "little incidences" in the last couple of weeks that I could easily have made blog posts of. I just didn't do it. No excuses. Just didn't.

I have to say that I am having a most fabulous Easter Weekend. Brandi and Kore are up for 4 days. The weather is fabulous. I have a week off work. My tulips are up, crocuses are blooming and cotton wood tree is full of buds. More than that, it's a weekend of reminder that my Lord has conquered death and I am going to heaven! Even if the Canucks are freakin' me out and I eat too much chocolate.

Today, while sitting on the back deck soaking up my first sun-kissed colour of the year and all my children and hubby around me, the window to the playroom was open and the TV was pumping out some music of the 70's. As often happens when Bob Seger comes across the airwaves, Alb says "Bobby!" But it sounds more like "Bah-Beee!" And it's about 2 …


Hi, my name is Liana. I thought I'd better post something before Google deletes my account.

Outta the mouths of babes

I often take Xander to church with me.

Yesterday I was standing chit-chatting in the foyer before the service while Xander ran around scoping everything out. He came up to me, tapped me on the leg and said, "Granny, I'm gonna trip everybody."

I wasn't really paying attention to him, and sort of thought he said "trick" until I saw him go up to two men who were standing talking, not paying any attention to him at all. He crouched down on all fours and curled into a little ball right behind Owen's legs and he giggled while waiting for him to step back and trip over him!
(isn't this a trick for 14-year-old pranksters, not a baby who just turned two!)

I have no idea where he learned something like that - his little sense of humour is already very apparent.

As it was time to start the service we headed in to take our usual seats. The couple who sits behind us (sad how we all become so habitual in our seating) were already sitting in their spots. They h…


A lightbulb moment. That used to mean a brilliant idea or a moment of great enlightenment. Now it means a dim expensive mercury-filled twisted idea.

I hate curly light bulbs, but it's becoming increasingly more difficult to find the standard style ones, and in fact they will be illegal to sell by 2012. So I am starting a light bulb collection.

I was reading an article about hydro rates in Canada increasing by over 50% in the next eight years. It blah-blah-blahed about how/why the rates are going up. The final sentence in the article read "Switching to compact flourescent and LED bulbs can save money."  Yeah, whatever.

Sure you might pay $8 to light a standard bulb for a thousand hours compared to $2 for a useless curly bulb, but the old bulbs themselves are 50 cents instead of 5 bucks for a curly one - which you need to burn three of to get enough light to read by. Alternatively, you can buy the new LED style bulbs - Superstore had 'em for $25 each. I'm not part…


My fantastic blogging record in 2011 sure went for a big poop didn't it.

I want your money.

Alrighty then....
Production is well under way, I think I'm ready to start the distribution side of things.
As I alluded to in a previous post, I want your money. As part of my annual fundraising for Relay For Life, this year I am offering original watercolour blank greeting cards. These are the original paintings, not prints.
I have posted a sampling here but have more images posted in a Facebook Album. The cards cost $4 each (which includes the cost of a stamp for me to mail it to you) or you can purchase a 6-pack for $20.
Alternatively, you can sponsor me through my Relay for Life web page for a minimum of $25 and you will get a tax receipt and I will send you a random 3-pack of cards. But please feel free to not limit your donation to $25  :) I'll send you the correct number of cards to correlate with your donation amount.
As far as sending payment, you can email me the money to elzie @ (if you are techno savvy living in the 21st century) or you can email, comment …