Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Hype

I'm not an obsessed Royal Watcher. I will not be staying up all night long to watch the wedding. (although I seem to recall losing some sleep back in 1981 when William's parents were married) But I do have my PVR set to tape the regal proceedings and I'll indulge in the festivities at my leisure.

I kind of avoided discussing the wedding too much with Jed cuz I don't want him staying up all night - I'm having a hard enough time controlling his 3AM Blackberry and Facebook use as it is.

About 10 o'clock tonight, Jed and I hugged, said goodnight, and he headed home. I did a bit of tidying up, sat down to facebook for a bit and was just getting ready to head to bed. (It's homeshow weekend and I work 5 long days in a row! Normal for most, I know, but I live a pampered life.)

Knock, knock!

I open the door to Jed's place and there stands my son, whom I assumed was downstairs getting ready for bed.

"I'm ready for the wedding, Mom."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breaking news out of Italy....

Researchers have begun a hunt to find the remains of the woman who modelled for Leonardo da Vinci for his famous Mona Lisa masterpiece. They know the whereabouts of the remains of her two daughters and they will use 21st century technology to compare DNA samples to ensure they dig up the correct corpse.

Once they disturb a number of dead bodies, who've been resting in peace for nearly 500 years, they will use computer enhancement, in conjuction with her skull bones, to reconstruct her face.

Forgive me for being simple minded, but, I'm wondering if they thought about just looking at the painting??

Monday, April 25, 2011

Atoning for his sins

About three weeks ago I discovered some ball point pen ink scribbles on one of my red leather chairs

I didn't catch Xander in the act, but I took him to the chair and explained how I was not happy and I could not get it to wash off. I blabbed on about how he knows he is supposed to colour on paper or his easel blah blah blah. And that was the end of it.

We had a fabulous Easter Weekend with Aunty Bee and Uncle Kore here. On Sunday they hid a dozen plastic eggs filled with playdough (a much better idea than candy). Xander loved looking for them and talked for the rest of the day about all the places he found the eggs. He used the playdough to make trumpets, tubas and trucks. It was great fun.

Monday, X brought his mommy over in the morning so they could have one last little play session and say goodbye to Aunty Bee and Uncle Kore.

By 10am they drove away, PaPa went to drum lessons, Uncle Jed took off on his bike somewhere and mommy went to the grocery store. Xander and I sat and quietly rehashed the weekend and read some books.

He wanted to show something to PaPa. I reminded him PaPa went for his drum lesson. He responded, "Is PaPa teaching Jesus how to sing?" I'm not quite sure where that came from, but I thought it was cute.

I was tidying up the kitchen while Xander played with his eggs full of playdough. He came and grabbed my hand, "Tum with me, Danny." (He can't say the GR yet, so calls me Danny) He led me to the red chair in the living room and proudly announced, "I fixed your chair, Danny!"

Yup! He'd covered up all the pen marks with yellow playdough. Such a creative little one!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two goin' on Four

I've actually had a number of cute, funny or heartwarming "little incidences" in the last couple of weeks that I could easily have made blog posts of. I just didn't do it. No excuses. Just didn't.

I have to say that I am having a most fabulous Easter Weekend. Brandi and Kore are up for 4 days. The weather is fabulous. I have a week off work. My tulips are up, crocuses are blooming and cotton wood tree is full of buds. More than that, it's a weekend of reminder that my Lord has conquered death and I am going to heaven! Even if the Canucks are freakin' me out and I eat too much chocolate.

Today, while sitting on the back deck soaking up my first sun-kissed colour of the year and all my children and hubby around me, the window to the playroom was open and the TV was pumping out some music of the 70's. As often happens when Bob Seger comes across the airwaves, Alb says "Bobby!" But it sounds more like "Bah-Beee!" And it's about 2 octaves lower than he normally speaks. Xander repeated in the same deep voice, "Bah-Beee!"

Of course, every one of us laughed hysterically. Xander turns to Albert and asks, "PaPa, what's a bahbee?"

Last night while he played among the adults who were in conversation, he turned to his mom and asked, "Mommy, what's a 'piss'?"

I know it was funny and cute and all that. And I'm a little bit infatuated with this kid. But he just turned 2 last month. Isn't he a bit young to be asking the explanation of every word he hears. It seems to me this is more of a four-year-old thing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hi, my name is Liana. I thought I'd better post something before Google deletes my account.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Outta the mouths of babes

I often take Xander to church with me.

Yesterday I was standing chit-chatting in the foyer before the service while Xander ran around scoping everything out. He came up to me, tapped me on the leg and said, "Granny, I'm gonna trip everybody."

I wasn't really paying attention to him, and sort of thought he said "trick" until I saw him go up to two men who were standing talking, not paying any attention to him at all. He crouched down on all fours and curled into a little ball right behind Owen's legs and he giggled while waiting for him to step back and trip over him!
(isn't this a trick for 14-year-old pranksters, not a baby who just turned two!)

I have no idea where he learned something like that - his little sense of humour is already very apparent.

As it was time to start the service we headed in to take our usual seats. The couple who sits behind us (sad how we all become so habitual in our seating) were already sitting in their spots. They had missed a few Sundays in recent months and I don't always take Xander, so it had been a while since they saw him.

Ed, a very large man, said, "Good morning Xander. You are getting so big!"

Xander looks him up and down and responds, "I'm litt-oh. You're big!"

Thankfully Ed is a fabulous guy and laughed saying, "Yes. Yes I am."

It was pretty funny.

Consider Yourself Reminded.

Ten years. It's been 10 years today since I was branded with that title that no-one ever wants to wear. That is until you receive it. ...