Thursday, January 6, 2011

My name is Albert

"My name is Albert!" I said with a slightly elevated voice.

For some reason the off-shore customer service rep didn't believe me when I phoned to cancel our Bell TV account for which my husband is the primary account holder.

"We have already established you are not Mr Albert," was his reply.
"I neither gave you a different name, nor said my name was not Albert. Please cancel my account."

He was probably never so glad to fulfill a request as when I asked him to spell his name, give me his employee number and put me through to his supervisor. At least he could get off the phone with me.

I understand they can't have just any average Joe phoning and cancelling or ordering services on people's accounts. But for crying out loud, I am the only one who ever calls about these things. I was the one who ordered the service in the first place! They email the bills to me. The online version of the account is in my name only and gives me access to every bit of information and secret password associated with the account. The bill gets paid every month through my banking access card.

It took a bit of firm convincing but in the end the supervisor decided it was probably in his best interest to just cancel our account for me.

I hope we don't regret it.

We took the plunge and ordered Telus Optik TV today in hopes it will put an end the glitchy pvr recordings we've been experiencing of late with satellite TV.

One thing I don't care for is that Optik doesn't offer Baby First TV. That channel is a staple in our house. However, in my research I discovered I'm quite impressed with the website. I was considering getting a flatscreen TV for the play room. But maybe Xander will get a laptop for his 2nd birthday instead.

But the biggest problem with Optik is that up to 6 TVs all share the same PVR. This means it's a distinct possibility (or a likely probability) that Jed would occasionally override the Canucks, Biggest Loser or American Idol with a high priority recording of the Disney Parade or Memorial Day Services or something Miley Cyrus-ish. I don't even want to consider the scenario that may result....

And so, I've taken the risk and ordered two Optik accounts. Of course Optik Tv only runs through a phone line. Jed doesn't have one. Or should I say, Jed didn't have one. Telus will run a phone line and assign it a phone number for free if I promise he won't use it as a phone line but only for TV. The line will be monitored and occasional use would be overlooked, but if it starts to happen too regularly they will have to start charging for phone service as well.

Promise Jed won't use the phone?? Ahahahahhahahaa...... After I got finished laughing (It was a good thing it was my friend Kristine from Telus on the other end of the line) we decided we just wouldn't tell him it's a phone line.

However if you start getting even more calls from Jed after January 18th lemme know, will ya.

PS - I was kidding about the laptop for X. (I think)

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