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Is it New Year's Eve Already?

Albert and Liana's 2014 version of The Annual Review as may or may not have wandered it's way into your life via email: 

Is it New Year's Eve already? I guess it's now or never if I'm going to continue my annual invasion of your privacy by inundating your inbox with useless tidbits of exhibitionism.

2014 was by no means without moments of disappointment and despair, frustration and fear but an overall generalization would have to conclude it was a good year and we cannot deny that we are blessed beyond measure.

Early in the year we were sent reeling with the news of my bff-sister-in-law-Barbee's diagnosis of lung cancer. While she is not out of the woods yet, we credit God for incredible results and continue to petition and trust that healing will continue for His glory and our benefit.

To celebrate Jade turning 30 in the spring, Brandi and I took her and the kids to Vancouver for a few days playing tourists. It was great fun, and much to Xander's delight i…