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Bits and Bites of Goodness

I'm well into my second decade of this annual tradition I have created of exposing the inner workings and events that made up the past year in my personal sphere of reality. While it probably seems like an act of senseless voyeurism to many, the point to doing this is mostly for my own benefit – sort of a scheduled taking stock and counting of blessings. Because, God knows, it’s fairly easy to plod along through life deflecting flying crap and living wrapped up in the moment without really realizing where you are and what you have.
I spend a quiet evening alone with a glass or five of wine, scrolling through my Facebook account, scanning the 3471 photos in the current year’s album on iCloud, and taxing my aging memory. Without fail, each year I am forced to conclude that we live a truly blessed life. And for this reason, I usually look forward to this annual event of gathering noteworthy tidbits of info.
However, this year I’m dragging my feet and facing it like it’s a regurgitati…