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Hey, we've met you before!

A few weeks ago I was digging through some stuff in the basement and came across three swords left over from centre pieces from Ken and Jade's wedding.

While they looked great as centre pieces, thank God no one at the wedding discovered that they had flashing LED lights and made horrendously annoying sounds.

I put them in the outside toybox. Jade wasn't too excited about Xander having weapons as toys so I figured it was only a matter of time before they made their way into the trash bin.

As I was walking home from a little visit down the street with X and his parents tonight, I caught sight of three relatively-new-to-the-neighbourhood kids running out of my driveway and across the road to the park with the said LED lights and annoying noises waving wildly as they swung at each other in mock battle.

"Little buggers!" I thought while similtaneously thinking, "Yes! I hope their parents enjoy them."

I picked up the scattered toys on the back deck and mental…

Word of the day: wrinkly

Finally! Summer arrived along with the month of August. Today is the 4th and it's the first time this year we have been able to fill the kiddie pool so Xander could go swimming.

He swam until his hands got wrinkly then tried to "wash" his hands in the water to get the wrinkly off. I explained that the wrinkly came from the water. So he picked up his pool and dumped it - there will be no more wrinkly!

After sitting wrapped in towel eating a snack for a while X held out his hands to me and said "The wrinkly is all gone!"

I replied, "Thank you Jesus for bringing Xander's hands back to normal."

Xander's little eyes darted to the left. Then to the right. Then he looked inquiringly at me, "Where is him?"

Word of the day: noise bylaw

About 1 o'clock in the morning after sitting in the marvelous apres-hot-tub summer air, while sippin' red  and listening to some good music coming from somewhere off to the left for an hour or so, I turned to my husband and said, "I wonder who's still partying out there. Their music is great but I can't think who, in that direction, would be still rockin' at this time of night."

It was quite dark so I couldn' really see, but I felt his look of disbelief as he responded, "Uhhhh... that's coming out of our bedroom window where I put the TV on the Gold Rock Galaxie station about an hour ago."

Geesh! Good thing I'm not the kind of person who calls the cops on the neighbours when they're noisy - I'da had myself arrested.