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Granny died. I am just a ghost who has returned to tell you.

"Raspberry Social".

It sounds so 1940's or something, but that is what the annual event is called. Every year a group of women from the church get together out at Kelletts U-pick berry farm near Hixon. Actually we get together at the church at 9:30 and car pool out there, have lunch together, hang out at the farm and pick berries.

I have a hard time even saying "Raspberry Social" and refer to the event as "Raspberry Day" so as not to conjure up images of bonnet-wearing women with picnic baskets and plaid blankets.

This year I invited Jade and Nissa and their kids to participate. (Nissa grew up with Jade and is referred to as her "other sister." She and her 2 young kids have been coming to church with me for the last couple of months.) Both girls were quite excited to come along. This meant I had 3 adults and 3 carseats for the children aged 6, 14 and 27 months old. Obviously my small import car was not capable of this, so the plan was for me to…

Cognitive Popcorn

Cognitive popcorn: (n) term referring to a syndrome caused by an anxious brain whose restless activity doesn't allow sleep.

Xander had a sleepover last night. The darling child was asleep by 9pm and didn't wake until after 7am. So of course it isn't his fault that I was exhausted before my day began today. It's just that every time he exhaled or moved his big toe I woke up. I was so looking forward to bedtime tonight.

I was actually in bed by 8:30 - with the TV on. Alb is at work so I got to watch things like "Intervention" "Obsessed" and "Dateline". About 10 o'clock I got up and made a bag of popcorn. I ate nearly the whole damn bag. Now I have insomnia.

I vaguely recall hearing years ago that popcorn gave you bad dreams, or maybe it was bad sleep or something. Either way I can't fall asleep. (Yes the TV is off) So I drag the laptop into bed and Google popcorn. Google tells me it's the perfect nighttime snack - a comfort food tha…

Kitty Porn.

A number of years back after the cat died and the dog went off to live with Grandma, I swore I'd never have another pet in the house.

Never say never.

Once again we have a cat in the house. An unneutered cat. (or is that 'unspayed'?) And she's in heat.

This is disgusting, offensive and annoying. Almost pornographic.

As if it isn't bizarre enough for her to stick her butt in the air and gyrate herself against every table leg or any other object she can, she jumped on the counter and knocked down the roll of paper towel and attacked it like it was a long lost lover.

I rescued the roll of paper but didn't notice the lone sheet that had been torn off and floated to the floor. A short time later there was the cat laying on the single sheet of paper towel stretched out and looking very much in love. I'm sure if she was able she'da lit up a cigarette.

And there she lay, cuddled to that sheet of paper, for 12 hours. No moaning. No groaning. No mewing and meowing. And…

Self control doesn't pay.

Both my boys had birthdays this weekend. Since Jed was working long days at the PGX on Sunday, his birthday, we decided to have their family supper on Monday which was Ken's birthday.

I wrapped up their presents on Saturday.

Looking at the pile of gifts, I realized that while Jed's pile out numbered Ken's in dollar value significantly, it was smaller in quantity. This would never do. (This is the art of being a mother - knowing what details matter.)

I decided I'd better run to the mall and grab a couple of things. Jed has been asking for a black tie to go with all his various uniforms. Lo-and-behold if it wasn't Super Sale days (or something like that) at Sears. If you used your Sears card you got an extra 30% off any clearance items PLUS they had scratch and save coupons at the till - save up to 50%. (This is generally a code word for 10%)

I managed to gather up a black tie, some underwear, pants and shorts. And somehow a couple of outfits for Xander managed to jump i…

Your Baby Can Read.

Xander loves to read. And I mean read - not just look at pretty pictures. From the time he was just a few weeks old and was able to hold his head up without looking like a bobblehead he has loved words.

Someone (who's identity I shall protect) was laying around watching infomercials at 4 am the other morning then sent me a link to Your Baby Can Read.

I got all excited and decided my grandchild needed this program. But 200 bucks? American bucks. I checked out Ebay. Turns out the full editions on Ebay end up being even more by the time you add the ridiculous shipping charges. There were a few partial programs (just the basic DVDs and flashcards) for about fifty bucks. That's a little closer to my budget.

But of course nothing is too good for my Xander and I want to be sure I'm not wasting fifty dollars by getting something that is only half-assed decent. So I set off to check out some unbiased reviews.

I found lots of pros and cons about the program. I found a good literacy webs…

Good on ya, young man.

August in PG. Time for the 97th annual PGX, where the smells of cotton candy, greasy fries and horse poop fill the air. And Jed becomes a carny once again.

This year he got in on the action the day before the Exhibition even started. He showed up with his work boots on as they were unloading all the rides from the trucks. They worked him hard all day setting up the rides (I'm certain they must carry good insurance) then handed him a wad of cash when he hauled his weary butt home at the end of the evening.

This morning he headed off at 8:30am for his second day to take tickets and press the start button to scare the crap out of young children seeking a thrill.

His feet are still a mess from his battles on the Slip 'n Slide at Vivian Lake. By then end of his second day at the PGX last night, he had to cut his socks to get them off his scabby feet. We bandaged him up a little better today.

He plans to continue these long cash-filled days until Sunday, which incidentally is his 23rd b…

Living in limbo.

Back in July sometime my ob/gyn's receptionist told me his upcoming surgery dates were July 27, August 6th and 10th.

"He's booked up for the 27th, but I'd imagine you'll get in on the 6th," she said. "Unless there are a lot of emergency C-sections, then you'll be bumped to the 10th. I'm surprised the hospital hasn't called you yet."

Silly me, I took this at face value and booked off work. I had already put in for the long weekend off so I told them July 31 would be my last day until October - please issue me an ROE so I can get my EI rolling.

After returning from the long weekend at Vivian Lake and still not hearing from the hospital, I called the doctor's office. I essentially begged her to do something for me and gave her the gory details of my weekend filled with painkillers, pads and pull-ups. (Of which I will spare you the details ... unless you were one of the ones within earshot of the baby monitor ... again, I apologize.)


I didn't mean to tell you that.

We had a fantastic weekend camping at Vivian Lake. The weather was perfect, the people were wonderful and my BBQ was successful.

Sunday afternoon I (with much help from my fabulous family) grilled up some burgers and hot dogs and threw out a donation box in the name of The Pink Panters relay team for the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life. This raked in about 400 bucks. I'm quite pleased with this and you can bet that I'll be doing it again. Perhaps next time I'll just write "donation bucket" and keep the money and run.

This was a weekend of firsts for Xander. His parents are pretty strict about going by the book as to when to introduce things into his life. Things like sunscreen and sunshine and solid food. The book says give Xander his first Pablum when he is six months old. He turned five months on Monday. He got Pablum on Saturday. Nana DeBalinhard fed all of my kids their first solid food and we took advantage of her being here this weekend and gave …