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Count your blessings, name them one by one...

It’s New Year’s Eve. That means 365 days have gone by since I last sat with a glass of wine and plate of munchies and blogged the incidents and accidents that weave together to create intricate picture that is the lives of Albert and Liana. I present to you now the 2015 thumbnail of the masterpiece still in production.
As I often do on December 31st, I reread my annual review letters that I have posted since 2007. One can’t help but conclude that we are truly blessed beyond measure. And it’s good to be reminded of these blessings before launching into a review of a year in which one is blindsided once again with loss.
January had us celebrating our 33rd anniversary apart as I was in Kamloops and then Portland for a 2-week period playing the role of granny nanny for Beatrice. What a great way to initiate my shiny new first-ever passport.

We had a remarkably mild winter last year which caused some initial concern for the Canada Winter Games. But with the exception of the speed skating tr…

Grandpa One Eye

My name is Liana, and as the oldest granddaughter I am elected to represent the 23 grandchildren in honouring Grandpa today.
I have a few memories and stories to share with you.
A few years ago, we were having a bbq at Grandpa and Grandma’s. Grandpa had grilled up some burgers and we were sitting at the table in the back yard visiting and enjoying the feast.
Grandma had gone inside to make more ice tea or something. I looked across the table during a moment of silence to see Grandpa staring at me with tears rolling down his face. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I asked, “Are you okay Grandpa?”
“Oh honey, you look exactly like I last remember my mother. You are about the age she was when she died.”
However, I have to say, that even in the awkward moment, I have never in my life been so proud… of my varicose veins, this hump on the back of my neck, my hanging bottom lip, and this double chin. (I somehow managed to miss out on the boisterous laugh – maybe it didn’t come from the Watt…