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Nailed It!

Until two years ago women everywhere who aspired to be Suzy Homemaker or the Craft Queen could feel reasonably good about themselves. Martha Stewart was the only real public source of perfection to compare ourselves to and subsequently feel like a failure. But it was easy enough to convince ourselves that Martha is freak of nature, with unlimited funds, capable of doing things unimaginable to us mere mortals. 
Along came Pinterest.... 
At first glance it was the most amazing social network service ever. Millions of women across the world began pinning wildly as creativity and inspiration abounded at previously unheard of levels. 
We pinned and pinned - our inspiration and confidence building with each passing day that we found ourselves awake until the wee hours gathering ideas. At times we were even giddy with excitement at the possibility that perhaps, just perhaps, Martha wasn't so special after all. 
And then we started attempting... 
This week was my 4-year-old grandson'…