Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Woofstock Music Festival

As you all probably know, we were at Woof Stock Music Festival this past weekend. One of the vendors were selling these funky fur hats with mittens attached. They were $189. Yes, that is one hundred and eighty-nine dollars. For a fake fur hat. 
Many people complained that the price of entrance to the festival was too expensive for the average Joe. This was evidently true, because not too many “average Joe's” attended the festival. And many of those who did, afforded $189 fake fur hats. 
Attendance was poor at best, and most of the audiences for the 3 stages included those, like us, who got a weekend pass for being permanent residents on the property at Vivian Lake, volunteers, vendors and entertainers. Too bad really, because the organizers put together a top-notch line up of music with something for everyone except bluegrass folk. 
There was the main stage with bands booked like Chilliwack, 5-Alarm Funk, David Gogo, Trooper, Helix and of course Twisted Sister on their farewell tour. There was the smaller Market Stage that hosted lesser known names of a more singer-songwriter genre, some local talent and others from as far away as New Zealand. Lots of good and varied stuff. 
And then there was Stage 3. The Temple of Boom. And boom it did. From 11am to 6am. The music was techno and they say the technology was absolutely world class. And most surprising to me, as I lay in bed awake in the wee hours of the morning I actually really enjoyed a lot of it. 
The Temple of Boom stage was a short walk into the woods where, in the dark of night, a whole ‘nother world opened up. The light shows were phenomenal. For the most part, with the exception of the Twisted Sister and 5-Alarm Funk shows, I think this stage was the most well attended. And the attendees were, well, kinda of a show all on their own. Most living in their own little psychedelic bubbles of reality, giving me cause to believe the most profits of the weekend went home in the pockets of the drug dealers. And those who sold fake fur hats with mittens attached. 
But as bizarre as most of the get-ups and costumes were amongst this group, I have to say they were a calm and loving crowd and throughout the weekend there was really no evidence of any discord, violence or property damage. And as such, this can lead to one being a little lax in locking up their things by the end of the weekend. 
On our site we have the cabin, which we stay in, and also our trailer which serves as our guest bedroom. It is also houses our flushing bathroom and our fridge. We love it when people come stay with us at the lake over the summer. 
Apparently we had guests last night. This due to our leaving the trailer unlocked. But they were good guests and really the only evidence we have that they were even there is enough items of clothing, including a wet pair of socks, to make up a nearly complete funky costume. 
Besides some disturbed bedding, and a puddle of God-knows-what on the floor, everything else remains seemingly untouched – including the food and alcohol in the fridge.
And I now have a faux fur hat with mittens attached for next year’s event.

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