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Month-by-month run-through of 2012

For a number of years now, I have taken a few hours on Christmas or New Year's Eve to rehash the closing year, count our blessings and get myself all psyched up for the coming year. But it's not all about me, so I include my friends and family by voyeuristically exposing the facts and incidents for one and all.

It was a little over a year ago when I abandoned my blog. Little did I realize how much I depended on it to help me with the rehash and pysching up. So this year I rely solely on my memory, making up things as I go along since there is no blog for evidence against my fading memory.

Well, it appears the world did not end in 2012. But for us it changed. Really really changed. Here's a month-by-month run-through of the lives of Albert and Liana

January saw Albert and I celebrating 30 years of marriage. THIRTY years. The freaking number 30 looks so enormous to me. I know I was young when we married, but I really don't feel much older than 30 - how can we …

Granny Has A Midwife Crisis

Back in the day when I was having babies, there was no such thing as cellphones, digital cameras and facebook. Even owning a video camera and/or VCR was only reserved for the most high tech people. (And my children are not yet thirty.)

In the final weeks of pregnancy, part of the preparations included ensuring you had a roll of quarters so that after the birth, the father could walk down to the end of the hall and use a payphone to make the big announcement. The first call the new dads usually made was to their mother.  That was the honour of being Grandma.

Over the years, I've witnessed changes to technology, society, the design of the hospital. I'm not sure if hospitals are the same everywhere, but here in our town, babies are no longer born in small institutional-looking rooms that try to accommodate Daddy in a corner with perhaps a rolling chair for accessories. No, todays mothers have a birthing unit. A large almost homey room with a fridge, TV, private phone and second …