Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Locked up tighter than Ft Knox

(Okay, I don't even know what Ft Knox is, but I heard it's locked up tight.)

Yesterday was my first "official day of unemployment" even though with New Year's in there I haven't worked since last Wednesday. Though I'm looking forward to lots of pj days I want to get something accomplished during this time off. Besides 30 consecutive days of blogging that is.

While I was googling writing topics the other day I came across the writers.com site and was entrigued by a couple of their online writing classes. It was about midnight January 2nd. Class started 11AM January 3rd. No time to make rational decisions. Cha-ching! They took my Visa and I'm in!

All this writing talk and time on my hands got me itching to peck away a little at my book, which I have not even looked at since October 2009 when I went in for surgery. I was working on it quite regularly before my surgery and found sometimes I'd write at my desktop computer but more often I'd lay in bed and tap tap tap at the laptop. To keep the file updated, with access on both computers, I decided I'd start another blog and do a new entry for each chapter. Because I have this blog you are reading under my regular email and log-in information I had to get a new gmail email address with which to create the new blog. I didn't want anyone coming across the content pre-publication date, so I made it a private blog and the only way to view it was if I sent an invitation. It was a brilliant idea and worked well...

Fast forward 14 months...

Time erases everything. Especially memory. You think I can remember the log-in or password information. Nada.

I tried every combination of username, email and password I could possibly imagine ever having used. Nuttin'.

Oh! I remember my handy-dandy password list. Yes, for occasions such as this, I have a list of log-in and passwords for everything but my bank account stored in a secret file that includes my info for my entire life from my Home Depot account to Yahoo Games to my Sears Card to Revenue Canada Info. Completely stupid, I know, but it's saved my bacon on many an occasion. However when I created my book blog, apparently I counted it as too top secret to include in the list.

Oh my book, my book, where art thou!

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