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Hana Rhymes with Sauna

While everyone speaks english in Maui, all the streets and towns have Hawaiian names. 

The Hawaiian language was not a written language until about 200 years ago when American missionaries arrived and soon formulated a written Hawaiian language based on the sounds they heard. And based on these sounds, the Hawaiian language only uses 12 letters of the alphabet:  the 5 vowels a,e,i,o,u and 7 consonants h,k,l,m,n,p,w. 

The rules are basic and consistent in the Hawaiian language, so if you take the time to sound out and think through each name, it should be fairly easy to come up with the correct pronunciation. And names like Haleakala, Paia, Waianapanapa and Kahului should sound just like they are written. 

However, as tourists, we usually screw this up and Haleakala ends up sounding like hell e-yeah kella (emphasis on 'hell') instead of holly awe caw law (emphasis on 'awe') I must admit I knew absolutely nothing about Hawaiian language, history or pronunciations before we …

What the cluck?

We'd never been on a tropical vacation before. I've always secretly blamed this on my husband who has always preferred to drive wherever we go, doesn't love water and can't handle too hot of weather. But truth be told, while I knew we would enjoy such a vacation, I didn't feel like we were missing out - I also am not a water baby, and while I can't stand being cold, don't really like excessive heat neither. But I do love the ocean. I always have. And I was certainly willing to test out a tropical vacay to see what all the hype was about.

Brandi and Kore, on the other hand are travellers. They love to vacation and see the world. And three-year-old Beatrice has more stamps on her passport than I do. But with the whole zika virus issues, being pregnant kept them pretty grounded over the past year. And months before Daphne was even born, a trip to Maui evolved.

Travelling with a toddler is one thing. And travelling with a newborn is another. But travelling wit…

The Ugly Parts are Part of the Beauty

I love my job. I really do. I am an art facilitator. At least that is the title I have come up with for myself as the leader of watercolour wine and paint nights. Not many people can say they created their own job from their hobby, and even fewer can say they go to work, drink wine, party with 5-18 fun loving women (and men) and come home with a pocket full of cash. And all this while picking and choosing which days you do and do not work. I am blessed, this I know. And I am grateful.

Being that autumn is in full swing, this large leaf is a painting I have guided about 30 to 40 people through creating recently. And in every group there are at least one, two or more people who start to stress about the way their colours are blending. Or not blending, whatever the case.

I always start by saying, "If you are frustrated with your painting, have another glass of wine." That usually works. But there are always a few people who need a little more encouragement to let loose.

I main…

Sunday Morning Service

We live on a short, quiet street. 

I can see Costco from the end of the driveway and Superstore from the back deck. But because the street itself is only a few blocks long (except there are no cross streets to actually make 'blocks') and it doesn't lead to anywhere, traffic is light. It's a big event to see a police car, school bus or motorbike. And big trucks, like the one that dropped a roll off dumpster in our driveway 3 weeks ago, are practically unheard of. 

Renting a dumpster when doing a major renovation (or a major spring cleaning, for that matter) is the best idea ever. It's convenient and fairly reasonably priced. Of course you pay a 'tipping fee' dependent on the amount of waste you toss, but the bin itself was only $9.60 a day to have it sit in the driveway. Inexpensive, but 9 bucks is 9 bucks. So Saturday afternoon when it was nearly filled to the top and most of the major disposal had been accomplished, we figured we'd give the company a cal…