Sunday, January 9, 2011

Analyzing the lecture.

With the introduction of .05 blood alcohol laws, I thought it would be a good idea to have a breathalyzer at home. It's interesting to see how varying factors can affect your results - how much you weigh, how much have you recently eaten, how quickly you drink etc. So while 2 drinks might not put you over today, it might tomorrow.

We've had fun with the gadget - taking a mouthful of wine and immediately blowing into it to see how high of a number you can register, threatening it's use when someone is acting stupid, etc.

We were watching the Canuck hockey game last night with Jim and Barb. As usual, we recorded it to the PVR and were watching it time-delayed. Jed was out at the PG Cougars live game and got home when we were just heading into the 2nd period, although in real time the game was over by then.

This is always a dangerous scene because Jed usually will hear the Canuck score while he is out. And he loves to talk. The simple fact that he likes to talk makes it irritating to watch a hockey game while he's in the room, whether he knows the score or not.

Last night we let him say hello to Jim and Barb and chit chat for a few minutes while we held our hockey game on pause. Then we sent him home to his basement suite for the night, after-all it was past 10pm. As is the usual scene when it's time for Jed to go home, we got some disrespectful flack from our son. We've just come to deal with it. However, Uncle Jim thought he'd take the opportunity to talk to Jed about it.

It was a good little mini-sermon Uncle Jim gave Jed. He quoted the bible, game some examples and talked about how important it is to respect parents, even if you don't agree with them. And sometimes they can be downright wrong. But it is still important to show respect.

All through the conversation Jed stared intently into Uncle Jim's eyes and nodded and added a few uh-huhs, and mmm-hmmms.

Uncle Jim ended by saying, "Do you understand how important this is?"

Without batting an eyelash, Jed showed what he though of Uncle Jim's lecture by responding, "Mom, where's the breathalyzer?"

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