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We had a video conference with Dr Humer from Kelowna this morning. There was talk of discharging Jed today however, Dr Humer has requested he stay in hospital here until Saturday when he will be flown to Kelowna.
Monday he will be put under general anesthetic for another bronchoscope. They will take a larger biopsy and try to inflate the lung a bit so they can get a better idea of how far into the lung tissue the tumour is. The bulb part of the tumour appears to be about an inch and half or so. It is located right where the bronchial tube enters the lung and is blocking air from entering.

The top lobe of the lung looks pretty good but they cannot tell the condition of the lower portion because it is collapsed. They are still fairly certain it is benign but the official results have not come back from pathology yet.
Dr Humer thinks that he'll likely have the surgery close to the end of next week. however, they won't decide that for sure until after they do the bronchoscope. …

K-town here we come. Sometime. Maybe.

It's looking more and more like Jed's surgical destination will be Kelowna. However, they tell me that nothing is set in stone until his plane leaves the ground.

Tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 8:30 we have a video conference with a thoracic surgical team from Kelowna. This is essentially the doctor/patient office visit done 21st century style. Jed is not too thrilled that his mother and sister are going to attend the event. But as you know life isn't always a bucket of thrills.

Hopefully after this meeting we will have a few more details like the size of the tumour, the expected length of hospital stay, and most importantly a departure time. But for now we know he won't be leaving before tomorrow morning so I can relax a bit and quite worrying about missing a phone call.

Jed is doing pretty good. He has had his IV removed because he is no longer receiving intravenous antibiotics and he is staying hydrated. He was not too impressed with no longer having an IV pole to d…

Size doesn't matter. Stat or fact?

Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say.
~William W. Watt

By Thursday morning, Jed had gotten over his flu symptoms (throwing up and diarrhea) but still had an uncontrollable fever and his daily chest x-rays showed that he was not responding to the IV antibiotics. They called in Dr Hamar who is an infection specialist. He figured there should have been a marked improvement in lung function after 4 days on IV and suspected maybe Jed had inhaled vomit or something so he ordered a bronchoscope be done.

Jed had to fast Friday morning and about noon he was wheeled to the ambulatory care unit where normal procedure is to receive a mild sedation that will have the patient sleep for about 5 minutes while they put a camera down the throat and into the lungs for a good visual inspection.

Staying true to form, Jed refused to go to sleep so they gave him a second sedation. He still refused to sleep. An anesthetist was called in to put…

Albert from Philly

Sometimes I wonder why God entrusted us with a special needs son. Poor kid.

Jed got moved from the pediatric ward to a regular 2-person adult room today.

I was sitting there tonight visiting with him and he turned to me in all seriousness and said, "Mom, Dad was just joking yesterday wasn't he?"

"I don't know. What did he say?"

It took every ounce of my being not to laugh, and just as much resolve not to cry when I replied, "Yes that was just a joke" to Jed's repeating of what his dad said:

 "If you don't hurry up and get better the angel Albert from Philly cream cheese is gonna have to come get you."

A lot more comfy next to Dad.

"I have a cracked rib."
That's the story Jed has been repeating for a month or so. He even went as far as checking himself into the ER a few weeks ago. But since he hadn't fallen or injured himself they didn't bother to x-ray his chest. the told him there is really nothing they can do for a cracked rib anyway so just go home and take it easy.
Well, Jed doesn't really know what 'take it easy' means so he occasionally complained about his sore ribs but pretty much carried on as usual. He couldn't take the trash out but had no problem golfing 18 holes.
Whe you see someone everyday you don't really notice things like changes in weight. (At least that's the theory I hope hold true so my hubby hasn't noticed the 20 lbs I've gained.) But in the last couple of weeks numerous people have commented on how thin Jed has become.
After my attention was alerted, I could see they were probably right. I had him weigh himself. 144 lbs - that's down …

And the winner is ....

Woot woot! Goooo Team Pink. Pink Panters Rock!!!

And so went the cheers emanating from our Pink Panter Relay for Life team headquarters tent. We had fantastic participation. Lots of people raised money for the Canadian Cancer Society (which is the prime purpose for having a team in the first place) Lots of people walked (during the daylight hours we usually had between 4 and 10 people on the track at a time) Some brought food and drinks. And EVERYONE supported our pinkness.

While not everyone arrived at the field in a pink costume, everyone was willing to don something from the pink dress up box - feather boas, tutus, pink rabbit ears, pink wigs, various hats etc.

Even before the relay started at 10am Saturday, people were asking if they could get their picture taken with us. Throughout the day little girls would follow us (well, more specifically my gorgeous princess-like daughter in her flouncy pink skirt and soft baby pink hair) around the track and across the field, just so they c…

Knock knock!

It was like a wedding. Or Christmas. Or a big vacation.

So much preparation. So many dollars spent. So much focussed energy and singleminded direction filled with excitement & anticipation and sprinkled with stress. And in 24 hours... poof, it's all over.

Ahhhh, Relay for Life.

About Monday or Tuesday I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if Brandi and Kore surprised me and came up for the weekend." I didn't tell anyone my thoughts because I didn't want anyone to think that I expected them to. However I changed the sheets on the spare bed and cleaned the bathtub.

Friday evening I was in the grocery store picking up some last minute items for the weekend and I ran into a friend whose immediate family has been ravished by cancer in the past couple of years. We chatted for a bit and she encouraged me to press on in the battle against cancer, even though she herself didn't have the strength to participate this year. 

We talked about the satisfaction you get …