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Happy happy happy! New Year.

Happy New Year! Here is your annual onslaught of ALZiemer anecdotes and exaggerations.

Think happy. Be happy.
It's a motto I have tried to incorporate into my life this past year. Although I am still a firm believer that Albert's motto should remain "Happy wife, happy life."

Each year at this time I pour a glass of wine and sit in complete silence and prepare to recall and put to words the past 365 days. Others may require a therapist's sofa, however I find this to be a cheaper alternative.

 I often start with re-reading my past "annual review" posts. (An advantage of blogging.) I always chuckle at how I end the letter with some form of "excited anticipation" for the upcoming year - having no idea (thankfully) what the year has in store.

New Year's Eve 2012 had me mostly focusing on Brandi and Kore's upcoming January wedding. And I was excitedly anticipating with good reason. It was a beautiful, intimate moment that I will cherish for …