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T minus 10 to Maui

Ten days. We are going to Maui in ten days. 

The condo has been booked for eight months; the flights bought for seven. I wouldn't allow myself to drag out the suitcase before the ten day mark. Although I did sneak my carry-on out of the closet last night and begin to fill it. 

I'm so excited to be vacationing with B&K and the girlies. At four months old, this will be Daphne's first flight. I believe I was also on Beatrice's first fight back in January 2015 when she was five months. (Which is kind of odd - I don't really fly that much.) Bea flew like a rock star and I anticipate Daffers will be no different - she is such a good good baby. 

Bea has flown a number of times in her young life, and she is a good traveller. Well, she is just an all-round good kid. I trust this flight will be no different. Seeing that it is a six hour flight after a six hour wait (for the Kamloops folk) in the Vancouver airport, Granny is going to be prepared to entertain the 3-year-old i…

Growing Pains

I've never read the book The Prayer of Jabez, which is based on 1 Chronicles 4:10.
Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.However, I have prayed the same prayer, perhaps with different motives, many times. Especially the "keep me from harm and free of pain" part. Call me wimp, but I really don't like harm and pain. 
I have also found myself this past winter praying the "enlarge my territory" part. Specifically the size of my house. For general day-to-day living Albert and I can survive quite well living the "tiny home" experience - as proved by our love of spending time in our one room cabin at the lake. 
Our real house is just over 1000 square feet. Not a tiny home, but by no means a mansion. Especially when you factor in that we have never had full use of the basement, which went from b…

Paint Palette Panic!

I have made most of my major decisions concerning our current major renovations. I got my cupboards all selected, chosen the countertop, bought the flooring, got lights, ordered a new window.

I will need to get some new furniture as well but I'm not too worried about that right now. I don't want to store new furniture in my dusty renovation space, and besides, we will probably be sitting on tree stumps and using boxes for tables by the time I spend all my money travelling and getting new shoes.

But paint. I am going to need paint.

I have bits of creative thought rambling around in my brain but I know we are a ways away from painting so I haven't been feeling too stressed. I know I want to use Dulux Diamond paint. I'm not an expert by any means when it comes to painting and decorating. But I used this paint when I did the basement a few years ago - simply because I got a BOGO-free coupon in the mail. It was the best paint I have ever used, it rolled on nicely, covered…

The Object of my Disdain

It's all a matter of perspective.

I've hated the laminate flooring that was in our house when we bought it twelve years ago. Well, hate might be a strong word, but I knew it would bring my heart great pleasure when the time came to dispose of it. And with the great renovation project now underway, that time was last week.

We have a dumpster sitting in our driveway, and much of what was my home is now piled inside. Layers of multi-papered wall, ceiling tiles and fire engine red cabinets have all been dismantled and tossed into the bin. However, the despised flooring got neatly stacked into the back of the truck and hauled off to the cabin. It didn't make much sense to send it off to the landfill when we were living on pieced together peeling plywood at the lake.

What a surprise when I arrived at the cabin at 10:30pm after facilitating an art party the other night, to find that my man-slave had already gotten it installed. It looks truly amazing. It has completely transform…

$635.76 Spending money left over

I print stuff. A lot. I simply cannot go without a printer and have used a colour laser printer for about 15 years. The toner does last for more than a year but it's always painful to replace. The low level indicators are starting to alert me, so it's that painful time again. A quick peruse of the Dell website and inquiry with the online chat window dude, informed me that a set of CMYK toner will set me back a mere $1061.76 including tax. Shipping is free.

Yes, that is over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! For ink. That is almost twice what I pay for fuel in my Grannymobile in a year. And the fuel costs I can dole out in  forty dollar shots every 3 weeks or so.

Like most things in life that shock the shit out of you, a Facebook rant resulted. And I received much sympathy and suggestions from friends and acquaintances. Many encouraged me to find knock-off recycled and/or refilled cartridges. I did price this out and can find cartridges for about half the price of the genuine article. But …

Stuff to say. Don't wanna talk.

So, we are 12 years into the 5-year renovation plan we had for this old house when we bought it. Granted, many projects came up in the meantime and kinda changed the plan along the way.

I'm super stoked to be getting a new open concept living space and fabulous kitchen, complete with real flooring. This will finalize the renovation of the entire main floor since we moved in. And by finalize, I don't mean we are done. I simply mean every room will have been renovated. I already have plans for a bedroom makeover swirling in my head. After all, it has been 12 years since it was done.

Currently I sit here in my little office corner viewing the open space with wires hanging out the walls where plugs and switches used to be and plumbing parts poking out, waiting to be rerouted to their new locations.

Removing the walls and flooring has exposed a half dozen different patterns of flooring and a variety of wallpapers, some of which have been painted right over top of. Twice. I think I …