Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh. And one more thing....

"Hi Liana. It's Dallas Thompson, general manager for the PG Cougars. I'd like to talk to you about your son being a part of the team."

No, it wasn't a dream. Dallas Thompson, WHL General Manager, phoned me today and is now one of my iPhone contacts.

Jed has been a Cougars season ticket holder for the last couple of years. Earlier in the year he was looking on their website and discovered you can order game worn jerseys from many of the players. Most range from $250-$500. But of course he wants a Brett Connolly jersey. Drafted 6th overall by Tampa Bay in last year's NHL draft, his jerseys start at a mere $1500. Momma laughed. So Jed emailed Brandi Brodsky. (Owner's daughter and Vice President of the team)

He was hoping for a game worn jersey. Even a signed hockey stick. Heck at one point he asked if he could have a broken stick. Anything. Please just give me something so I can show my mom that I have my own resources.

Actually, I'm not real sure how the emails transpired. Jed did come home with a game used hockey stick, given to him personally by Jesse Forsberg a couple of months ago. Then last week Jed got an email from Brandi Brodsky asking if he was interested in helping out with the team during practices. If so, he could meet with Dallas.

Jed replied immediately saying he'd be right down.

"No, no! Not today," was her reply. "Today is game day. Come Monday."

And so, that is how my son became part of the team.

Whether it's genuine interest, they really do need someone, a PR move or just to get the kid off their backs, I don't really care. I'm excited for this opportunity for Jed and I really hope it works out.

Dallas gave me (See how easy his name just rolls off my lips like we're in a first-name-basis friendship) a list of dates when they want him at the rink. Understandably, it's on a 3-week trial to see how things work out, and to "make sure Jed likes it." But he gave me dates until the end of the season.

"I'm excited about it," he tells me. "I think it will be good for Jed and good for my guys too. I'm looking forward to it." (See how easily he can endear himself to a mother's heart)

I give him a bit of heads up as to the inner workings of Jed and we finish up the conversation.

"Oh. And one more thing," he adds. "He'll have to throw away his Kamloops Blazers toque."

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mari said...

Awesome! Will he get his jersey then? LOL

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