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It's a poopy job, but I'm up for the challenge.

I know I said that if I ever see my sewing machine again, it'll be too soon. But all Granny's must sew, or knit, or quilt, or crochet and so it is my duty to haul out my trusty old Kenmore once again.

Jade has decided she's gonna use cloth diapers. It's cheaper. It's environmentally friendlier. Did you know that every day, in Canada alone, 1,000,000 diapers go to the land fill. Thats ONE MILLION. Envision that. A pile of one million poopy diapers. Every day.

Now I'm no tree hugger and I participate in this disposable world as much as the next guy, but I'm shocked by this realization. And so I decide I will support my children in their quest for cloth. (And keep a bag of pampers under my bed)

As I was doing my pre-baby shopping and price gathering, I checked out the cloth diapers. The all-in-ones with rubber pants attached (as seen below) are $48 for five. Yup, that's over nine bucks each. Without rubber they are eight for $37 - Still nearly $5 each, and yo…

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Because the wedding was different and certainly not North American traditional, there weren't the traditional events like a bouquet toss ( we had an ax throwing contest instead) garter throw (there was archery) first dance (the bride went fishing) toasts of the bride and bridesmaids (there was a huge fireworks display) entertainment (the children went on snake hunts) candlelight ( there were citronella torches around the field) no corsages and boutonnières (there were swords and helmets)

While this made for a unique and memorable wedding, there were a couple of things that didn't fit the program, yet need to be done. I want to acknowledge the people that traveled and/or took time off work to attend: Grandma Cross, Grandpa & Grandma D, Matt & Cindy, Kore & Brandi, Ted & Di and Colin & Mikaela, Uncle Gilmour & Aunty Gerri, Jeremiah & Carmen, Patrick, Tamara and kids. And like a traditional wedding, when you thank people you always run the risk of forge…

Perfect. Just Perfect.

You know how it is when you plan a big event. You organize and stress and spend and work and then it comes down to the day. And poof! It's all over. It's almost a let down.

Ken & Jade's medieval wedding was not like that.

Oh yeah, there was the pressure of pulling off a wedding in 4 months. But I thrive under pressure. Okay, maybe not "thrive." But I procrastinate until I'm under pressure. My most creative work is done last minute. Perhaps that's the reason I take little brown blood pressure pills every morning.

Either way, the wedding was a huge success. And the fact that it was held at a fantastic lake location and the event spread over 3 days, meant that there was no "crash and burn" let down when it was all over. And God, He graciously supplied the perfect weather. 27 degrees and sunny with a light cloud cover appearing just as the people gathered under open skies to witness the ceremony and feast in the open field.

I was so pleased with the…

Hopin' God is on the same page as the weatherman.


Better Early Than Late.

We arrived back from Dave & Dallin's wedding in Quesnel. There were 2 messages waiting on the phone.

First one:
"Hi, this is Arlene from Vivian Lake Resort. I know your big day is nearly here so I just wanted to touch bases with you. Have a good weekend."

Second one:
"Hi, this is Arlene from Vivian Lake Resort. Again. Ummm. You're chairs from PG Rentals have just arrived."

I called her back but got no answer. I called PG Rentals to get the scoop. "Uh, yeah. We screwed up," he said.

I confirmed that I was still booked for next week. And here's hoping that any other screw-ups that are going to occur will be that easily rectified.

I feelin' the stress, but it's all good. Things are coming together. In 7 days it will all be a memory and we can all chillax and enjoy a weekend of camping with 100 family members, eating left over wedding cake and pork roasts.

In a small town, midnight isn't really 12 AM.

Remember 20-30 years ago, everything in our family was babies, babies, babies. So it only stands to reason that now it's weddings, weddings, weddings.

Four weddings in five weeks.

This puts the pressure on the wedding planners to come up with something different to make the event unique. Dallin (and her entourage) managed to pull that off quite nicely. The ceremony was on a Thursday, after dark, in candle light, and the reception was the next day.

This of course meant it was after 10pm before the ceremony started. It was after 11 when we got to our hotel room and we were all hungry. So let's order something in. Not. A quick glance through the phone book showed us that the booming town of Quesnel closes down by 9 pm on a Thursday. Closer scrutiny revealed that Boston Pizza was open until midnight. Yay!

At 11:10 I placed the call to make my order and received this reply, "Sorry, we've decided to close." I guess midnight doesn't mean midnight in a small town.

David …

Retail therapy: I did it for my health.

Thursday was a day off work. A day to stay home and finalize my sewing projects: make 2 pair of boots, hem a dress, make some arm bracers and alter my dress (yay - it's still too big. I didn't want to alter it early cuz I began to believe I might grow into it :)

It was also yet again another day for Alb to work on the house. He's working so hard and things are coming together quite nicely. I really am proud of him. Glad I snagged him from the throng of women chasing after him all those years ago.

But here's my issue: When I have lots to do and concentrate on, I like silence. I like to be left alone in my own little bubble with thoughts and visions running back and forth ever so silently through my brain. Alb produces much better with music playing. And his work also requires a compressor to be running. And an air nailer. And he sings. And I had my sewing machine zinging along. And Jed had the TV blaring so he could hear it over the symphony of sounds within our walls...


Not Exactly a New Fridge, But a Winfall None-the-less.

We had Christmas in July today!

We were just barely rolling out of bed this morning when Purolator came to the door with a delivery for Jed. And just like every Christmas, he excitedly helped to haul the boxes in, hoping with all his heart for a new snowmobile or laptop. And while his fantasy once again did not come true, it was exciting to go through the seven large boxes of stuff.
We are plugging right along on his basement suite and new front entrance on our house, with move-in day projected to be September 1st.

While I am ever grateful for the grant from Giving in Action towards the construction, I am not above looking for further hand outs. And as such, I called the Disability office last week to see if Jed could get some help financing the new appliances he is going to need.

"No, sorry. We can't give financial support for appliances," the kind lady on the phone told me. "But..." She got all excited to tell me about a one-time project of the government to s…

Awoken with a start and a stopped heart.

I had just fallen into a deep sleep about 6 am after Alb left for work this morning.

Crash! I was awakened with such a jolt, I thought someone had driven into my house. My heart stopped momentarily before leaping to 800 beats per minute. I laid there a few minutes trying to decide if I was brave enough to get up and see what happened.

Courage gathered, I tiptoed out to the living room. The front of the house seemed intact. I wondered if I should grab a knife from the kitchen before I went to the back of the house. I checked out the window and Jed's tent (his temporary bedroom) was still standing seemingly untouched. My car didn't appear to be broken into. So I stumbled back to bed, heart still racing.

I laid there trying to repeat the sound in my mind so I could decipher what made the noise I was certain had really happened, it wasn't just a dream.

About 10 minutes later I decided either someone had slammed the side of my bedroom wall with a shovel or else a crow slammed int…

Team work: I talk, he works.

We went to pick out our new front door for the addition on the front of our house. I don't like really ornate looking stuff, but since this is the front door, and we live in town now, I wasn't going to get away with just the standard nine-pane version that gives lots of light.

We settled on a style. Alb leafed through the stacks of doors to find the right size and hinge side. The one that we needed already had a door knob on it - weird. Closer inspection revealed that the door had obviously been installed somewhere before. Alb pointed out a bit of damage and some screw holes in the frame. Other than some finger prints, the door itself was unharmed.

"There should be some kind of discount on this," he says to me. A customer service rep was walking towards us. Alb did want any man worth is salt would do. He turned to me and said, "I have to get a piece of plumbing, you talk to her." And off he went.

It's probably not the door knob I would have chosen first, b…