Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chocolate, Charcoal and Lime .... mmm mmm m

Well, now that the whole fam-damily is crying, let's move on shall we.

We got the closet organizer put in the walk-in closet in the ensuite, so I think we can pretty much say it is officially finished. Phew.

And so on to the next project....

We are going to do a quick makeover in the upstairs spare bedroom. The room desparately needs new drywall - it currently has some sort of pressboard walls that have been painted approximately 32 times. I'm gonna make it 33.

We will pull out the closet to make it a little roomier and I'll set up a closet organizer that will house books, puzzles, games and toys and perhaps a few clothes for the wee one who hangs out here. (I picked up an extra organizer from Costco - 69 bucks if you need one and they are quite flexible in how you can assemble them 66-160 inches.)

I'm gonna get rid of the double bed in there and put in a futon or sofa bed. Of course the carpet will go to the dump and laminate or lino will go in. There'll be a flat screen tv on the wall with the Wii hooked to it - it is my intention to maybe use the Wii Fit occasionally if it stays hooked up. I couldn't be bothered unhooking cables and such in the living room and then jumping around in front of the window.

I bought the paint today: Chocolate, Charcoal and Lime. I took PaPa with me so the charcoal ended up being more black than grey. But still, it's gonna be fabulous. Even the Home Depot lady wants me to bring pictures. 

My computer rendition
And all of this because I got a kitchen set for Xander's upcoming birthday and have nowhere to put it.

I had looked at these at Toys R Us last year. They run about 200 bucks. Costco had them before Christmas for $135 so I dragged PaPa and his truck there to pick one up, knowing they'd be gone before birthday time in March. Low-and-behold if they weren't all gone... except ONE final one... and it was marked down to $70. I know! Practically FREE. (Until you add in the thousand dollar renovation...)

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b said...

sounds like a good name for a bbq party lol Gonna look great. Can't wait to see the final pics!

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