Friday, January 14, 2011

FFF - Flash Fiction Friday

Today's prompt: She was up the creek without a paddle - literally!

She suspected she was pregnant that hot summer day. But it didn’t stop her when a group of friends, including her boyfriend, suggested they head out to the river to go tubing.
The shallow river rippled over the rocks splashing cool refreshing water over the dozens of tubers who were out in full force that day taking advantage of the remaining lazy days of summer.
The river wound around in a large C formation, making the hike back to the top of the 3km float just a short jaunt.
“One more run?” someone suggested. Everyone agreed. It was too nice a day to not take advantage of it.
They hardly got started rolling the large inner tubes up the road towards the starting point when a carload of friends came along and began a bit of an impromptu party. Those in the car drinking beer while joking with the tubers who stood in the middle of the road, bare feet next to hot pavement, thankful for the water dripping from soaked cut-offs and t-shirts and forming puddles around their feet.
She glanced down to pay homage to the water that was providing cooling trickles and necessary relief from the heat.
Then, in what she could only chalk up to being her life’s most embarrassing moment, she realized she was in fact, not pregnant.
Though she was no longer up the creek without a paddle, she was definitely up the creek without a pad –literally!
Ok so I took liberties with the prompt. And perhaps it's not even fiction. But I mulled the prompt over in my head for 3 days and this is all I could come up with.


mari said...

even though it's fiction I feel sorry for her! lol

b said...


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