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Deal Me In Daddy, Deal Me In.

My grieving heart found solace this Father's Day in having a great family breakfast with my husband, my sons and my son-in-law, and grandson and all my girls. heart emoticon If you missed my Dad's funeral service and would like to read the eulogy here it is:

(imagine me standing there with my left hand raised, two middle finger folded down)  My dad had the coolest hand. As a child, you either found it completely fascinating to play with or it scared the shit out of you. His personality was much the same.  Edward Bruce deBalinhard was known as Ted from his birth in Yorkton Saskatchewan in 1940 until he married Jean Cutting in 1962 and they gave birth to their first born son, also named Edward deBalinhard, at which time they became known as Big Ted and Teddy. Eventually Little Ted became bigger than Big Ted and Big Ted became Ed.  But whether you knew my dad as Ted or Ed, you knew him as a good man. A no-frills man, who loved God, lived simply and knew right from wrong. And he …