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Buck up!

You know the saying. "Small things amuse small minds." I have a small mind.

Back in January when I had been sick for a couple of weeks, I blogged about Buckleys and the contest they run for the Buckley's ugly face. Cuz it's aweful. And it works. Well I entered the contest in a moment of boredom.

The contest ends June 1st. And I am actually somewhere near the top in the ratings. This is cool. I think. Anyway, if you are amused by ridiculously trivial things, please go watch my "Buckley's Mash-Up Video" and at the end you can click on the "five bottle" ratings to increase my chances of becoming rich and famous making ugly faces on tv for Buckley's.

Au revoir ovaries!

"I would recommend you have your ovaries removed," my doctor said to me yesterday. Then added, "if you are okay with that."

Okay with that? Scuse me doctor, this is what I have been asking for for a number of months now.

"Do you have a preferred Ob/Gyn?"
"Um, I already have an appointment with Dr Galliford on June 17."
"Oh," he says kind of surprised. "Well that's good then. I'll send a copy of this ultra sound to him."

He seems to forget that he ordered a copy to be sent to him when we scheduled the ultrasound and he forwarded my file on to Galliford the last time I was in.

He's not doing a lot to bolster my confidence in himself, the new guy, who took over for my retiring doctor a while back.

Apparently I have lesions. And lesions are a concern. I don't know a cyst from a lesion from a tumor. (I have all three.) But I do know pain. And pain is not my friend. So I just want the whole damn mess taken out.

And bring on…

Hey, twenty bucks is twenty bucks.

They say exercise pays off. I don't normally give it much chance to prove this theory. However, today was a beautiful sunny day so I decided I'd walk down and get Xander for a couple of hours of Granny play time.

As I was walking along the road I stepped over a penny laying in the street. Of course the age-old saying crossed my mind, "Find a penny, pick it up. All day long have good luck."

Who needs luck so badly they'd be willing to stoop down to pick up a worthless penny, I wondered as I walked along.

And then out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a folded piece of paper flapping in the breeze. It was a twenty dollar bill! Now, for that I'll gladly stoop. I glanced up and down the street to be sure no one had just passed by and dropped it before that other age-old saying crossed my mind, "Finders keepers. Losers weepers." And off I skipped to Xander's house.

When I arrived, I discovered Xander had gone to the grocery store with Mommy. …

I had a dream last night.

You know how dreams are often inspired by things happening in your life. Things you fear. Things you feel guilty about. Things you are anticipating. Things you have been avoiding.

For the life of me, I cannot remember one single detail of the dream I had, except for the final detail where I thought, "Yes! Now I have something to blog about! It's funny. It'll appeal to my varied audience. And I can't wait to get to a computer to scrawl it out."

So yeah, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about blogging... day and night. Does that count for anything?


Yeah, I know I have abandoned my post here. I'm a little distracted this week. Death will do that to you. For those who do not know, Jade's sister Angela passed away very unexpectedly this week. I spent a couple of days standing at her bedside and since have been funeral planning and having sleepovers with Xander and just doing what I can.

I am still yearning for a day filled with dull moments. I suspect I'll never get one. It's times like this that cause one to reflect on things and be thankful for the many many good things I have in my life - it helps to counter balance the shit.

Today is a beautiful sunny Friday and I have taken the day off work. I have an ultra sound this morning. My afternoon will be spent grocery shopping for the funeral tea. In the evening I will finish off the memorial cards and get them printed and folded.

There is youth group at the church tonight so I can't get in there until 9:30 to set up tables and decorate and prepare the kitchen for to…

We party in the face of seriousness. Damn cancer.

It started out so beautiful. Our tent area at Relay for Life was all decorated with pretty pink stuff and flower baskets. It was all welcoming and homey.

We were definitely in the minority having a team that was there to party in the name of cancer. Most took seriously their role of raising funds and awareness of the dreadful decease that has touched virtually every person in the country in one way or another.

But cancer has caused enough death and destruction and sadness. Damn cancer. We were there to celebrate life. Oh, we did our part in raising money too, but celebrate we did. We had costumes and paraphernalia and megaphone-enhanced cheerleading. While it was marginally embarrassing to be the one on the track as you passed the Pink Panter tent, it was also encouraging.

I could be wrong, but it sure appeared that large clusters of people would walk along at the same speed as the Pink Panters, just hoping to feel a part of the celebrations as they passed the Panter's tent. I know m…

Craft night with Granny.

Doing crafts with a 7-week-old is a bit of an adventure. I didn't get any pictures because, as it was, I was trying to single handedly do a job that probably should have had 2 or 3 adults participate.

But if you use your imagination you could probably visualize my kitchen spread with measuring cups, wisks and bowls of plaster while I hold a screaming infant football style under my arm with his hand anchored into a bowl of cold goop. He wasn't thrilled with craft night with Granny.

The final result is far from professional looking, but it was made with love. And I'm sure it's only the first of many kid-art gifts for Mommy to proudly hang on the wall.

My flowers and talking card ... very cool.

Uh yeah, thanks for comin' out.

We had perfect weather for the Relay for Life this weekend. (Well, it could have been a little warmer during the night, but we'll try not to bitch about it.)

Barbee organized the team and Albert named it. We are the Pink Panters. Yes panters. We panted our way around the track for 24 hours to raise funds and awareness for cancer. Pink of course being a reference to my recent encounter with breast cancer. The fund raising was for all types of cancer, but for me anyway, breast cancer is a little closer to home.

A large part of our fundraising was a raffle for a beautiful quilt made by Barbee and my mom, and other fabulous prizes. The team raised over $3500. Yay team! My personal efforts amounted to somewhere just under a thousand dollars. Yay friends and family!

I had lots of people sponsor me - and unbeknownst to them all, everyone who donated money to me, either in person or online, I purchased raffle tickets in their name. Not a single one of them won a prize. But none-the-less I a…

Helping the proverbial little old lady cross the street.

She wasn't actually crossing the street, but rather the Home Depot parking lot.

As I was nearing the entrance of Home Depot, two elderly women were exiting. As they turned left towards where I assume their vehicle was parked, the elder of the two caught her foot on a raised jagged crack in the sidewalk. And down she went. Hard.

I think she may even have lost consciousness momentarily as her head smashed against the concrete. As I offered to call 911, her friend and a young man who followed them out of the store were talking with the woman, asking if she was okay etc. I don't think she had any idea where she was or what way was up for a while.

It took the three of us to hoist her to her feet and by that time a small crowd had come to assist, including a few employees. (Which is more employees than I have ever seen offer to help anyone. You can be sure next time I am wandering aimlessly looking for something or someone to help me, I'm just gonna trip over something and lay on t…


Jed went for his follow-up appointment (and yes, I was able to attend it with him - thanks God, for working that out) Turns out he had pneumonia that was not diagnosed on the first xray. By the time the 2nd xray was taken he had improved significantly so they opted not to give him antibiotics. He needs to get more xrays next week to ensure it is completely cleared up.

Only Jed would suffer pneumonia and not the take the perfect opportunity to whine and cry about how crappy he feels.