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I am not a girly girl.

It's true. I am not a girly girl. I don't care for pink much. I don't like floral stuff, lace and frills and floof. How is one supposed to spell floof? Phloof? Flooph? Fluuf? I thought that it was a real word but it always underlines in a red squiggly line. Perhaps that's just part of the floof. I looked it up and found it in the Urban Dictionary. It means female fart?? Anyway, I digress....

But I do love flowers. Brandi and Kore sent me some the other day. They were beautiful. I posted them as my Facebook profile pic cuz I loved them. Ummm, apparently Brandi didn't.

They were nothing like she ordered - not in size nor composition. I didn't know that, nor did I particularly care cuz I thought they were wonderful. She emailed and sent them my Facebook profile picture along with a copy of her order. Now, I thought I had trained my children not to complain unnecessarily. Apparently she wasn't listening that day. And as a result I got a new deliv…

Press ONE for English.

Don't ya just love trying to get customer service when you have a problem with your phone, tv or utility services.

After pressing a plethora of numbers to get to what you think just might be the correct department you are asked to enter your 47-digit account number. Just don't screw up in entering or you are starting right back at the beginning. Then when you actually do get through, the first thing they ask you is to repeat vocally the 47 digit account number.

You are absolutely certain that you pressed one for English. However when you finally do get through to a real person, they neither speak nor understand English. If you ask them some personal questions, you'll probably find that they are located in India or Taiwan or the Philippines somewhere and it's quite likely they've never even seen a satellite dish much less know how to fix one.

Well it was pay back yesterday.

Our satellite quit sending the video signal although the sound was coming through. I was at wor…

Guilty until proven innocent.

The D sisters were subpoenaed for further investigation on suspicion of abnormalities.

My follow-up investigative mammography also included an ultrasound. It's just a precaution they told me. It'll likely be nothing but they tend to over investigate just to be sure. Because it was my first mammogram, they had nothing to compare it to and all breasts are different in composition.

Apparently only the girl on the left was suspicious, and she was subjected to close scrutiny. While this was still relatively painless, it was significantly more "involved" than the original procedure.

Over the course of the weekend, I heard from others and read on the internet about numerous cases of recalls for further investigation. "Don't lose sleep over it," the receptionist told me, "it happens all the time. It even happened to me."

I went to the doctor for the results today. Apparently the left sister remains on the suspect list and will not be released on bail unti…

One thing always leads to another.

The renovations are really coming along nicely, but we are still in the "boy stage" of working: boards and nails and pipes and wires. The "girl stage" is just beginning: I ordered the new siding, soon we'll pick paint colours, the cabinets will be installed - you know ... the pretty stuff.

A few weeks ago the plumber had to access the pipes in our upstairs bathroom to tie in the new downstairs bathroom. This meant removing a sheet of Ceramalite tile board that our bathroom walls are made of and the gyproc underneath it.

When the plumbing job was finished, rather than buy a new sheet of gyproc to replace the old stuff, Alb figured that since it will be under the ceramalite he would just use a piece of gyproc that had come from Jed's old bedroom when he dismantled it in the basement.

Jed likes felt markers. His old bedroom walls held interesting evidence of his various moods and artistic abilities. There were written out prayers, and swears, and doodles and unde…

The D Sisters get their portraits done.

I rarely take a lunch break at work, but I had to take one yesterday to get a mammogram that I'd scheduled a few months ago (back when I used to get Tuesdays off).

Since I was a mammogram virgin, and I'd heard horror stories, I practiced for the previous week by slamming my boobs in the freezer door and lining them up in a bench vice. As I left work commenting that I really had no idea how long I'd be gone, one of the girls told me about her mother having to take the rest of the afternoon off work and go home to bed after her last one. I was prepared for the worst.

Honestly people. What's the hype?

I flopped the D Sisters up on the table, the top lowered, the camera clicked and it was over.

"That's it?" I asked, when she said I could get dressed again. Seriously, I was disappointed at the lack of pain and torture after all my preparation. I can honestly say that I've had more discomfort wearing an ill-fitting bra. I even had a blog half written in my head…

"Would you miss me, Mom?"

The PG X was on this weekend. I gave Jed money to go on the first day. He doesn't really like the rides and only plays a couple of games, but he loves to hang around and just check out the free exhibits and entertainment. For 20 bucks it kept him occupied all day - it woulda been a bargain at twice the price.

He wanted to go again the next day. I forked over more money. But this time I insisted he wear street clothes - no Security Uniforms, RCMP shirts, Fort George Highway Rescue gear - you never know what kind of situation might arise. (Last year he went with his life skills worker and she lost him for a while and found him in behind a barricade, manning a security/first aid post. )

Saturday night he came home and told me he was "working" at the fair the next day and had to be there at 8 am. I knew the Fort George Highway Rescue (where Jed is an honourary member) had a booth or something set up and I assumed he was going to sit with the members and perhaps help with take-…

Laziness is the mother of all invention.

Ok, perhaps the saying is supposed to be "necessity is the mother of all invention." But I'll bet laziness should receive equal credit.

When we were in Quesnel this weekend I decided to pick a couple of buckets of black currants from Matt's newly established U-pick farm. He has some great little berry rakes that pick the berries way faster, however you get significantly more leaf and stem debris. Tim opted for hand picking. Matt and I had our buckets full by the time Tim had about a 1/3 of a bucket. We kept on raking and thought we'd helping him out by dumping our berries into his bucket.

Ooops. Our lazy picking methods now created more work for poor Tim who had been meticulously keeping his berries clean.

While we were picking, Matt was explaining the benefits of the currant, including the leaves, as an antioxidant and health promoter. Now, I don't know an antioxidant from cyanide but Tim was all excited, so I guess it's a good thing.

Anyway, the next mornin…