Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Hype

I'm not an obsessed Royal Watcher. I will not be staying up all night long to watch the wedding. (although I seem to recall losing some sleep back in 1981 when William's parents were married) But I do have my PVR set to tape the regal proceedings and I'll indulge in the festivities at my leisure.

I kind of avoided discussing the wedding too much with Jed cuz I don't want him staying up all night - I'm having a hard enough time controlling his 3AM Blackberry and Facebook use as it is.

About 10 o'clock tonight, Jed and I hugged, said goodnight, and he headed home. I did a bit of tidying up, sat down to facebook for a bit and was just getting ready to head to bed. (It's homeshow weekend and I work 5 long days in a row! Normal for most, I know, but I live a pampered life.)

Knock, knock!

I open the door to Jed's place and there stands my son, whom I assumed was downstairs getting ready for bed.

"I'm ready for the wedding, Mom."


carmenrose said...

Aww! how can you not just hug him!

b said...

love it!

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