Saturday, March 12, 2011

I want your money.

Alrighty then....

Production is well under way, I think I'm ready to start the distribution side of things.

As I alluded to in a previous post, I want your money. As part of my annual fundraising for Relay For Life, this year I am offering original watercolour blank greeting cards. These are the original paintings, not prints.

I have posted a sampling here but have more images posted in a Facebook Album. The cards cost $4 each (which includes the cost of a stamp for me to mail it to you) or you can purchase a 6-pack for $20.

Alternatively, you can sponsor me through my Relay for Life web page for a minimum of $25 and you will get a tax receipt and I will send you a random 3-pack of cards. But please feel free to not limit your donation to $25  :) I'll send you the correct number of cards to correlate with your donation amount.

As far as sending payment, you can email me the money to elzie @ (if you are techno savvy living in the 21st century) or you can email, comment here or msg   me on Facebook to make alternative arrangements. Or .... you could meet me for coffee... now there's a cool concept.

If this is successful, or if I fail to stay on top of things (which is the more likely story) I will check into setting up an Ebay or Etsy account ... but we'll worry about that when we have to.

Please remember that 100% of your money will go to the Canadian Cancer Society - my costs and time are my portion of the donation. Cancer sucks! And it affects each and every family in Canada.

(The Famous Pink Panter Quilt Raffle is now underway as well and I'll blog about that in a later post)

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mari said...

They are lovely! I've already given two away and Martina is saving the purple flower one for Amanda's wedding celebration card. (she got married in Vegas last month, to a guy from the US)
We are thoroughly enjoying them.. thanks again!

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