Monday, April 4, 2011

Outta the mouths of babes

I often take Xander to church with me.

Yesterday I was standing chit-chatting in the foyer before the service while Xander ran around scoping everything out. He came up to me, tapped me on the leg and said, "Granny, I'm gonna trip everybody."

I wasn't really paying attention to him, and sort of thought he said "trick" until I saw him go up to two men who were standing talking, not paying any attention to him at all. He crouched down on all fours and curled into a little ball right behind Owen's legs and he giggled while waiting for him to step back and trip over him!
(isn't this a trick for 14-year-old pranksters, not a baby who just turned two!)

I have no idea where he learned something like that - his little sense of humour is already very apparent.

As it was time to start the service we headed in to take our usual seats. The couple who sits behind us (sad how we all become so habitual in our seating) were already sitting in their spots. They had missed a few Sundays in recent months and I don't always take Xander, so it had been a while since they saw him.

Ed, a very large man, said, "Good morning Xander. You are getting so big!"

Xander looks him up and down and responds, "I'm litt-oh. You're big!"

Thankfully Ed is a fabulous guy and laughed saying, "Yes. Yes I am."

It was pretty funny.

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mari said...

When M first met my Mom she told her that she would probably be a good swimmer because her big belly would help her float. LOL

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