Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Word of the day: poop

Ever since Xander was born, Jade has been saying she wants him potty trained before she has another baby. He is doing quite well. She is not the kind of mother who says, "Here's a potty, poop in it," and leaves it at that. And X is far too inquisitive to realize that something like poop can come from his body without him wanting to know all the hows and whys of the process.

He knows all about having a skeleton and how his skin holds in his bones and muscles and veins. He knows the purpose of a stomach and can point out, with more success than I, where his kidneys, liver and lungs are.

One day as he sat at his little table eating a cheese whiz sandwhich for lunch, he turned to his mother and said as he took a big bite, "Mommy, I'm turning my sandwhich into poop."

I assume Xander's parents feel he has a good enough grasp on the potty training business for them to take the next step. This weekend they informed us that Xander's little sibling, who is currently the size of a sesame seed, is projected to arrive sometime around March 17, 2012. Two weeks after X's 3rd birthday.

Woot woot! Let the shopping begin!

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