Monday, July 18, 2011

Word of the day

I think I'll try something new for while to see if I can kick start a period of blogging again. I'll call this current marathon "Word of the Day" and will use a particular word to prompt an entry. I may even resort to Merriam-Webster or's word of the day on occasion.

This idea was borne from a little incident that my husband informed me of last week.

While at church, pastor Peter got up and in a effort to encourage interaction, asked the general congregation "So, what's the word of the week?"

My son Jed jumped to his feet, raised and hand and shouted out, "Faggot!"

And while everyone in the room was trying to process whether or not they just heard what they thought they heard, he added, "My mom called me a faggot."

I mighta died had I been there.

However, in my defence, I shall tell you the real story.

Jed and I were shopping at Value Village and while I was trying on a couple of shirts he went about gathering a collection of t-shirts and scrubs that he "just had to have."

And so, as is our usual routine in VV, I sort through his treasures one-by-one and tell him the reasons we are not buying them. "This is way too small" "You have one exactly like this already" "It's twelve dollars! That's insane!" etc etc.

One of the scrubs shirts he had in the cart was all gathered and frilly at the back. My response, I realize, was inappropriate, "You can't wear that. It'll looky faggy."

Inappropriate yes, but I did not yell out "You are a faggot!" to my son.

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