Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Twenty five days. It's been twenty five days since I last blogged. I hang my head in shame. And even more so when I check my stat counter. Twenty five days with nary a word written and I'm still getting between 20 and 30 visits to the site every day.

C'mon people - get off my back!

Just kidding, I do appreciate the loyalty even though I'm neglectful.

Perhaps I can get on track a little more regular now that my art classes are finished, I didn't sign up for the Spring writing class, Homeshow season is over and the Canucks are set to hoist the cup and take the summer off.

As well, Relay For Life is over and I've caught up on all my greeting cards. Thank you so much to all my supporters who had me hand painting approximately 300 watercolour cards. Fundraising was down quite a bit this year, not only for our team but all across the board. We can collect money until August and I'd really like to see our Pink Panter team to scrape together another $1200 by then so we can ensure our track-side tent location for another year. I think I'll take the opportunity to clean out the basement, shed and garage and have a big yard sale one of these weeks. Anyone wanna buy my crap?


jean said...

You are the best daughter ever! Yes I mean EVER.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A great compliment to her, but a little hurtful to your other 2 daughters, don't you think???

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