Monday, April 25, 2011

Atoning for his sins

About three weeks ago I discovered some ball point pen ink scribbles on one of my red leather chairs

I didn't catch Xander in the act, but I took him to the chair and explained how I was not happy and I could not get it to wash off. I blabbed on about how he knows he is supposed to colour on paper or his easel blah blah blah. And that was the end of it.

We had a fabulous Easter Weekend with Aunty Bee and Uncle Kore here. On Sunday they hid a dozen plastic eggs filled with playdough (a much better idea than candy). Xander loved looking for them and talked for the rest of the day about all the places he found the eggs. He used the playdough to make trumpets, tubas and trucks. It was great fun.

Monday, X brought his mommy over in the morning so they could have one last little play session and say goodbye to Aunty Bee and Uncle Kore.

By 10am they drove away, PaPa went to drum lessons, Uncle Jed took off on his bike somewhere and mommy went to the grocery store. Xander and I sat and quietly rehashed the weekend and read some books.

He wanted to show something to PaPa. I reminded him PaPa went for his drum lesson. He responded, "Is PaPa teaching Jesus how to sing?" I'm not quite sure where that came from, but I thought it was cute.

I was tidying up the kitchen while Xander played with his eggs full of playdough. He came and grabbed my hand, "Tum with me, Danny." (He can't say the GR yet, so calls me Danny) He led me to the red chair in the living room and proudly announced, "I fixed your chair, Danny!"

Yup! He'd covered up all the pen marks with yellow playdough. Such a creative little one!


Anonymous said...

never know what they're thinking do you? funny!

GraceeJ said...

cutest thing ever!!!

b said...

I agree with GraceeJ..very cute. And smart.

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