Saturday, July 30, 2011

Word of the day: pretty flower

I am just loving the extra living space the new roof over half the deck is giving us. Even with this record rainy summer, we spend quite a bit of time outside on the deck. I actually like rain (did I say that out loud??) I find it very refreshing to sit outside and hear and smell the rain without getting wet.

There are two locking gates leading to the driveway and back yard. Xander has rubber boots that are not for mud and puddles, but only for deck use.  The expanded play space is great - he can play outside in the rain without an adult having to get wet with him.

Ken and Jade and I were sitting talking about their failed weekend of camping after Albert left for work tonight. After 5 minutes or so of relative silence Jade asked where Xander was.

"Oh just playing in his bedroom," I responded, but headed towards the room to check on him. As I turned the corner I was met by a slightly wet 2 year old in bare feet holding out a chubby fist clenching a flower from the back yard. "Here's a pretty flower, Danny."

Ooops. Guess the gate got left open.

Thank God he only ventured into the yard to pick flowers - in the few minutes he was gone he could have just as easily made it in the rain in his bare feet and shirt sleeves to the park across the street or wandered home, six doors down before we came looking for him.

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