Sunday, July 6, 2008

Awoken with a start and a stopped heart.

I had just fallen into a deep sleep about 6 am after Alb left for work this morning.

Crash! I was awakened with such a jolt, I thought someone had driven into my house. My heart stopped momentarily before leaping to 800 beats per minute. I laid there a few minutes trying to decide if I was brave enough to get up and see what happened.

Courage gathered, I tiptoed out to the living room. The front of the house seemed intact. I wondered if I should grab a knife from the kitchen before I went to the back of the house. I checked out the window and Jed's tent (his temporary bedroom) was still standing seemingly untouched. My car didn't appear to be broken into. So I stumbled back to bed, heart still racing.

I laid there trying to repeat the sound in my mind so I could decipher what made the noise I was certain had really happened, it wasn't just a dream.

About 10 minutes later I decided either someone had slammed the side of my bedroom wall with a shovel or else a crow slammed into the window. I jumped up and opened the bedroom window (which rather than hang blinds, I have painted black.) I looked for feathers smushed into the glass. There were none, but the thick dust seemed to be disturbed. I think I was on to something.

I looked down to the walkway below, and there looking up at me with large blinking white eyes was a rather huge wood pecker (or some other such winged beast). I ran for the camera and managed to get a shot just before the little sucker took off flying.

While it would have served the creature right had he met his end, I was rather glad he was able to fly away and I didn't have to clean up the carcass.

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