Thursday, July 3, 2008

Team work: I talk, he works.

We went to pick out our new front door for the addition on the front of our house. I don't like really ornate looking stuff, but since this is the front door, and we live in town now, I wasn't going to get away with just the standard nine-pane version that gives lots of light.

We settled on a style. Alb leafed through the stacks of doors to find the right size and hinge side. The one that we needed already had a door knob on it - weird. Closer inspection revealed that the door had obviously been installed somewhere before. Alb pointed out a bit of damage and some screw holes in the frame. Other than some finger prints, the door itself was unharmed.

"There should be some kind of discount on this," he says to me. A customer service rep was walking towards us. Alb did want any man worth is salt would do. He turned to me and said, "I have to get a piece of plumbing, you talk to her." And off he went.

It's probably not the door knob I would have chosen first, but for a $212 discount on the door. I'll happily live with it.


GraceeJ said...

That's a snazzy door!

mari said...

now you have 200 bucks to spend on a new doorknob - or blinds for your bedroom..

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