Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's a poopy job, but I'm up for the challenge.

I know I said that if I ever see my sewing machine again, it'll be too soon. But all Granny's must sew, or knit, or quilt, or crochet and so it is my duty to haul out my trusty old Kenmore once again.

Jade has decided she's gonna use cloth diapers. It's cheaper. It's environmentally friendlier. Did you know that every day, in Canada alone, 1,000,000 diapers go to the land fill. Thats ONE MILLION. Envision that. A pile of one million poopy diapers. Every day.

Now I'm no tree hugger and I participate in this disposable world as much as the next guy, but I'm shocked by this realization. And so I decide I will support my children in their quest for cloth. (And keep a bag of pampers under my bed)

As I was doing my pre-baby shopping and price gathering, I checked out the cloth diapers. The all-in-ones with rubber pants attached (as seen below) are $48 for five. Yup, that's over nine bucks each. Without rubber they are eight for $37 - Still nearly $5 each, and you need to buy rubber pants as well. So I decide I can make 'em.

I find some patterns online. Mentally calculate the price of flannel, terry, vinyl, elastic and thread. And we're probably sittin' about $3 each. Still more than I was expecting. ... Lets try Ebay. Holy crap. Even on Ebay they range from 13 to 21 dollars. Per diaper! No wonder so many people opt to fill the dump.

So I'm back to sewing. It'll all be worth it to have little baby bum wrapped in Granny-love. It'll help to pad against the Granny discipline that I'm sure will come eventually.

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jean said...

probably get about as much disipline from Granny as your kids got from theirs!

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