Monday, July 28, 2008

Perfect. Just Perfect.

You know how it is when you plan a big event. You organize and stress and spend and work and then it comes down to the day. And poof! It's all over. It's almost a let down.

Ken & Jade's medieval wedding was not like that.

Oh yeah, there was the pressure of pulling off a wedding in 4 months. But I thrive under pressure. Okay, maybe not "thrive." But I procrastinate until I'm under pressure. My most creative work is done last minute. Perhaps that's the reason I take little brown blood pressure pills every morning.

Either way, the wedding was a huge success. And the fact that it was held at a fantastic lake location and the event spread over 3 days, meant that there was no "crash and burn" let down when it was all over. And God, He graciously supplied the perfect weather. 27 degrees and sunny with a light cloud cover appearing just as the people gathered under open skies to witness the ceremony and feast in the open field.

I was so pleased with the 80-90% crowd participation in the costume donning. It was fantastic and I'm so glad so many people have posted albums on facebook. It's great to get to spend more time really examining the different costumes.

The ceremony was quite unique. And unrehearsed. Yes, there was no rehearsal. And yes, some people in the wedding party had never been to a wedding before. And some became members of the wedding party a 1/2 hour before the show. Due to a death in a family one of the flower girls could not attend. One of the bridesmaids, from far away, had just found out her husband's job was ending and decided it was best not to spend the money on travel. (I think the truth is that she found out that every other adult woman in the wedding party was 2-3 months pregnant and she wasn't willing to risk participating :)

But we had the dresses and flowers. And we had willing participants. I'll bet no one in the crowd even knew that 2 of them were stand-ins.

The event was casual and relaxed, yet organized and smooth flowing. It was just a great weekend of family fun with unique events like ax throwing, fishing, archery, great fireworks and snake hunting. Things you'd only find at wedding organized by yours truly. Thanks for participating.

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carmenrose said...

It was so fun! Glad we could make it.

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