Monday, July 28, 2008

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Because the wedding was different and certainly not North American traditional, there weren't the traditional events like a bouquet toss ( we had an ax throwing contest instead) garter throw (there was archery) first dance (the bride went fishing) toasts of the bride and bridesmaids (there was a huge fireworks display) entertainment (the children went on snake hunts) candlelight ( there were citronella torches around the field) no corsages and boutonnières (there were swords and helmets)

While this made for a unique and memorable wedding, there were a couple of things that didn't fit the program, yet need to be done. I want to acknowledge the people that traveled and/or took time off work to attend: Grandma Cross, Grandpa & Grandma D, Matt & Cindy, Kore & Brandi, Ted & Di and Colin & Mikaela, Uncle Gilmour & Aunty Gerri, Jeremiah & Carmen, Patrick, Tamara and kids. And like a traditional wedding, when you thank people you always run the risk of forgetting someone important. Truly we are thankful for each and every person that attended. And we are equally thankful for the high costume participation factor. Our friends and family rock! (For the record, I was showing the pics to someone today who had also attended a medieval wedding this weekend. One in which she described as rushed, unorganized, few costumes, and the ones that were there paled by comparison. Kudos to the Ziemer/Cross clans!)

And heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to many. Again I run the risk of omitting someone important, but to name a few:
Jim for his fantastic job at officiating his very first wedding ever.
John for using his legal ability to actually marry the kids.
Lucy for her unmatched expertise with a sewing machine making the most perfect wedding dress ever.
Aunty Joan for her skills as baker extraordinaire, and her emotional support and love for the bride. And the use of the Cape Cod glassware.
Aunty Connie and Grandma & Grandpa D, Jim, Michelle, for all the set up/take down help - there were many others involved as well. Dan J, Diana, Brandi, Patti, ... long list. Just imagine your name here in print.
Aunty Barbee for the fantastic banners.
Albert for his support of my wild imaginings and his loose wallet strings. AND his ability to make great babies who grow up to make handsome grooms.
Brandi for her vision and skill providing the perfect hair and makeup for Jade. And her wine serving experience that kept mama chilled out and de-stressed.
Kore whom I cannot thank enough for his chef ability. Bet when he offered to 'roast a pig' he had no idea what I would throw at him.
Kyle, Kore & Jed for their contributions to the amazing fireworks display.
Grandma Jean for the most amazing wedding cake anyone has ever seen. Seriously.
Tineke for her unparalleled photography skills. (which we patiently, yet anxiously, await to view)
Crystal, Angie, Savoryann, Tyler, Neil and all the little girls for their roles in the wedding party.
God for His supply of fabulous weather that just topped the weekend off.
And finally Arlene and Brian from Vivian Lake Resort. Their hospitality and service was way above and beyond. If ever you need beautiful lakeside accommodations for an event call 'em 250-967-0027. There's cabins and camping and fields and kitchen facilities...

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