Saturday, July 19, 2008

Better Early Than Late.

We arrived back from Dave & Dallin's wedding in Quesnel. There were 2 messages waiting on the phone.

First one:
"Hi, this is Arlene from Vivian Lake Resort. I know your big day is nearly here so I just wanted to touch bases with you. Have a good weekend."

Second one:
"Hi, this is Arlene from Vivian Lake Resort. Again. Ummm. You're chairs from PG Rentals have just arrived."

I called her back but got no answer. I called PG Rentals to get the scoop. "Uh, yeah. We screwed up," he said.

I confirmed that I was still booked for next week. And here's hoping that any other screw-ups that are going to occur will be that easily rectified.

I feelin' the stress, but it's all good. Things are coming together. In 7 days it will all be a memory and we can all chillax and enjoy a weekend of camping with 100 family members, eating left over wedding cake and pork roasts.

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