Monday, March 2, 2009

'scuse me, wanna see my baby?

I've never been one to carry a wallet full of photos, even when my kids were babies. We've always had a good camera and taken lots of pictures, I just don't pack 'em with me.

It's been just over 10 years since we got our first digital camera, and I've rarely even had our photos printed since that time. I have stacks of cds in my desk that house the fragile digital remnants of our family memories.

Finding digital pictures of a particular event is slightly less time consuming and marginally more organized than digging through the mandarin orange box, heaped in no particular order, full of printed photos from previous decades.

Even as a very proud Granny, I cannot fathom myself packing a brag book full of photos. For one thing, most of my purses are hardly large enough to pack a cellphone, debit card and piece of gum - life's 3 necessities.

Enter micro-technology:

Yes, my Baby X slideshow will be with me wherever I go, as long as I have my car keys with me. Now, if the kid would just show up, I could fill the digital memory with more than just images of momma's belly.

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GraceeJ said...

Hey, I should get one for my little Lilly-rae!

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