Thursday, March 19, 2009

Perhaps it's "other things."

I went for my ovarian ultra sound results with my new doctor the other day. And as I suspected, he's pretty much the polar opposite of my previous doctor. Last year when my doctor told me there was a lump in my breast he was quick to point out that it was probably nothing - 87% of breast lumps are benign cysts, but we'd pursue the issue just in case.

This week as the new guy is going over the radiologist's report, he informs me the radiologist is requesting I go for an MRI.

"The wall of your enlarged ovary is very thick. And that is an indicator of cancer" ... pause... "and other things," he added almost as an afterthought as if to soften the statement.

Now, I'm not stupid. I know that I am being tested for ovarian cancer - that's why I went in the first place. But still, I can't help but imagine how my previous doctor would have put it. He'd have described in detail any of the "other things" it could be and tell me we'll get an MRI done to rule out cancer.

I guess when English isn't your first language perhaps you cut to the point to save words.

Either way, my MRI appointment is April 30. Kinda makes me wonder how long it would take to get in if they didn't suspect a life threatening illness.

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GraceeJ said...

I'll be praying that your ovary just gained weight :) And also that the prince of Peace takes over your heart and mind!

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