A picture is worth a thousand words.

A couple of months ago Tineke (Northern Persona Photography) offered a winter special on photo shoots. She had done such a fantastic job with the wedding pictures I thought that would make a great birthday present for Jade, who's birthday was yesterday, March 6.

So I booked her for March 8th, assuming the baby would be 2 or 3 weeks old. Yeah, yeah, you know what assuming does....

When Tuesday the 3rd rolled around and there was still no baby I was thinking I'd probably have to postpone the shoot. But alas he showed up that day and so we are forging ahead with baby Xander's first photography sitting. We'll just have to be discrete and make sure his belly button raisin and his as yet uncircumcised maleness doesn't show.

Tineke has such a good creative eye when it comes to photography. I'm quite excited to see what she comes up with. Meanwhile you can check out the Canon point-and-shoot shots as posted on Facebook.

Baby Xander's Facebook Album


mari said…
our doctor charged us $200 cash for the circumcision. I'm sure he pocketed the money...

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