Friday, March 20, 2009

One more for the collection.

Some people collect shoes. Some collect stamps, others collect guitars.

Albert came home from the guitar shop the other day and told me how much Mark ticked him off. He then gave me a passionate description of this new Godin (prounounced Go Dan) guitar that Mark had brought in.

He was hardly through the first sentence and I had an overwhelming feeling that Albert was supposed to have this guitar. He hadn't even told me the price yet - which was practically free when compared to his other guitars. I decided on the spot that I would go buy it the next day.

However, later that evening when he gave the same passionate description to Jim, Jim decided he'd go look at it for himself because Jim actually needs a new guitar.

I thought, "Okay, cool. Maybe it's Jimmy that's supposed to have the guitar. Saves me some money."

Turns out that Jimmy wasn't in love with the guitar as much as Albert.

On Monday I decided I'd take a lunch break from work and run get this instrument of beauty to surprise my husband with.

I almost never leave the store for a break. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I cut in front of a black truck that swerved at me. What are the chances that I would sneak away from work to surprise my hubby and he is on the road in front of me! The look of guilt on my face told him I was doing more than just going for Roll-up-the-Rims.

I left the guitar laying on the bed and returned to work. Of course he was thrilled, but he wasn't as convinced as I that this was the one. Apparently he'd seen another guitar in the shop that peaked his interest, although he hadn't actually played it nor inquired about the price.

So the next day he went to visit Mark and make a decision. I can't remember the factors that made him decided he indeed didn't want the guitar in the store - besides the fact the price tag was about 4 times as big.

Frankly, I'm glad that was his decision, because I felt so strongly that he was supposed to have the red guitar that I had already decided that if he returned it to trade for the other one, I was going back the next day to re-buy it.

I'm sure that would have given them something to talk about for a while at the music store.

Anyway, here it is:

The Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin in all it's glory.

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mari said...

well it's no 12 string but I guess it'll do.. :)

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