Friday, March 27, 2009

A New Pair of Shoes Goes a Long Way in Fighting Cancer.

I bought new running shoes. This was not just a whim purchase, nor "another pair for the collection." I needed them. No, really I did.

I am by no means in danger of having to go barefoot or anything, but I really didn't have any decent walking shoes. Why would I - I rarely walk anywhere. But I will be walking a lot on the weekend of May 9-10. That's when our team, The Pink Panters, will be panting our way around the track as we participate in the Relay for Life 24 hour walk to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.

Barbee, our fearless captain, has led the way by holding a raffle to raise funds. The grand prize is a fabulous quilt constructed as a joint effort between herself and my mom.

There has been great support in the family and the community for this raffle and in the end it should raise a nice little sum of money for the cancer society. However this sum of money will be submitted in Barbee's name (as it should be) and the rest of the team members must find a way to raise their own funds.

I have thought of a few creative ways to gather support. But as time draws near and there is less than 6 weeks until the relay I will resort to the old tried-and-true means of fundraising: begging.

And so, if you feel so inclined to support me in my drive to raise funds, you can do so by clicking on my online official begging site:

Relay for Life

It is really easy and secure to donate online with a credit card and you will immediately be emailed a tax receipt. However if you are uncomfortable doing that, I certainly can take your money in person. I will even drive to your house to get it. (Fine print: some exclusions apply - for example, Jennifer I am not coming to Texas to get your ten dollars)

You can use the link above to check out who is officially on the team, and you can even join if you want. We are hoping that people will come to Masich Place Stadium to support us and maybe take a turn walking. I'll even let you push Xander in the stroller. AND you can justify a new pair of shoes.

We are gonna party for 24 hours in the name of cancer research I hope you'll join us.

I was going to take a picture of the new shoes, but alas it appears my camera has vanished in the night. It probably went home in Xander's diaper bag or carseat last night. :)

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jean said...

you know I don't do the credit card thing on line unless its desperate. I'll find another way to get it to you. love mom

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