This is about as political as I get.

I know it's a valuable right that we, as citizens, are entitled to help determine the governing body of our country. But a person should really make a bit of an effort to make an informed decision before placing their check mark. It would be preposterous to chose because of someone's age, sex, race or hometown.

58% of registered voters actually made the effort to vote. Count me in the minority group of the other 42%.

It's not that I'm totally uninformed. Mostly, but not totally.

It's not that I'm totally complacent. Mostly, but not totally.

The candidate I would have voted for has won in this area by at least a 3-1 margin in the last few elections so I figured why bother.

As suspected, nothing was achieved by this pointless enormous expense - other than it was a minor diversion from the overwhelming invasion of American politics.

Besides, there's something totally wrong with the system when a party that receives only 10% of the country's votes manages to get 50 seats in the house (or 18% of the total seats) and another party gets 7% of the votes and zero seats. blah blah blah

I just didn't have the energy to participate.

However I had to rip up my voter card and get rid of it so my son would quit harassing me about not doing my civic duties.


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