Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ha ha ha. I have to share this with you.

Yeah, so I have this basket of towels, candles, shells and paraphernalia in my bathroom. I was sitting doing my business last night and I totally had a moment of pure vision. (That's an art term for seeing what's really there, not the whole picture, or what you think you see.)

The shells, which I collected at Jamie and Ara's wedding, have been there collecting dust for two years. It wasn't until last night that I saw them as a representation of my boobs. I guess I never saw it because until now, my left boob wasn't dark and colourful.

My apologies, but I just had to share. Just be thankful that I've tucked the actual photos away, resisting the urge to be an exhibitionist.


mari said...

aw that sucks! Much more decent than nude photos though!

jean said...

can't the imagination run wild! lol

carmenrose said...

That's awesome.

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