S'il vous plaît payer $37 tout de suite

Albert got a parking ticket in the mail yesterday. It was dated July 27. ..... 2007, from Quebec City.

I had intended to return the ticket with a nice letter last summer when we returned home from our trip. But of course it was just one of those things that never got done.

We did indeed get a parking ticket that day in Quebec. But not before plugging a faulty meter with about $12 in coins and receiving 22 minutes on the timer. We thought it would probably be more cost effective to risk a ticket than spend a hundred dollars trying to get the meter to give us 2 hours. And the fact is, we were probably longer than 2 hours anyway, but we did pay 12 dollars to park there.

I had a letter all written in my head as a response but Alb got to the task quicker than me this morning. This is probably a good thing - he's much friendlier than I.

They probably can't even read his English response. We'll see what happens.

Il tout sera bon.


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