Saturday, October 4, 2008

There'll be no big 80's hair for me this week.

I've needed a hair cut for a couple of weeks. I was having a hard time coordinating with my hairdresser because her working hours are just about exactly the same as mine. I could get in on Saturday, but I really don't like going on Saturdays so I decided I could OD on hair spray and get by until next Tuesday. And instead I pampered myself with a new raspberry swirl bubble bath bar from Lush for $8.95.

That night I had the typical "I'm fine! I don't need a shower" fight with Jed. I always win.

He emerged from the shower smelling fantastic, and then running for his life, when he informed me he had used my bubble bath bar as shower soap. It had dwindled down to about the size of a nickle - enough to make bubbles in a teaspoon, not a bathtub.

He eventually did give me an honest-to-goodness apology. I've probably only gotten about 5 or 6 of those from him in his life. Usually it's, "Well sor-ry!" He also offered to to buy me a new one. I was stilled ticked off, but tried to get over it because he truly was sorry.

I cannot stress how much I hate hate hate sharing a bathroom.

By the end of the week I came to realize there was no way I could make it to Tuesday before getting my hair cut. It didn't matter how much hair spray and gunk I used my hair was weighted down and flat within 20 minutes. I called and changed my appointment from Tuesday to Saturday.

Of course when I got home today from the hairdresser, I had to wet my hair, re-dry and fluff it the way I like it. It's quite short, but I like it. I finished it off with a quick burst of hairspray and it immediately went flat. What the ****?

I tasted my hairspray. Sure enough, Jed had felt so bad about wasting my bath bar that he topped up my hair products for me. Yup, I'd been spraying my hair with water all week.


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